• They have pledged to increase NHS funding by £9.4bn. This will be used to increase the number of GPs by 8000 full time, qualified members. Giving Pharmacists the right to prescribe some medication in order to free up GP time and speeding up appointment waiting times. They plan to bring down waiting times for cancer treatments to 62 days from the day of diagnosis to the first day of treatment.
  • This money will come from increasing taxes for banks and closing tax avoidance loophole for the wealthy. This is expected to raise £7bn.


Promises for the economy

  • A promise to tackle the cost of living and food prices through a National food strategy. They have also pledged to improve the UK’s relationship with Europe particularly in the trading sector which could see some costs coming down.
  • Providing HMRC with correct support and funding to ensure rigorous dedication to end tax avoidance.
  • Increase public spending by £27bn more a year by 2029.
  • To do this they would raise levies on banks to net an extra £4bn as well as reforming capital gains in order to raise over £5bn.
  • Talk of an aviation duty to penalise frequent fliers more heavily have not yet been finalised.
  • They will be prioritising tax cuts when the public finances allows and cutting income tax by raising the tax-free personal allowance which is set to benefit the vast majority of families as well as more low-paid workers being exempt from paying income tax altogether.


Jobs and business

  • Promises to create more jobs for working people and encouraging businesses to invest in training to tackle the productivity crisis.