Foo Fighters are in full swing of their Everything Or Nothing At All 2024 tour to mark their 11th album and their first show since Taylor Hawkins, their drummer died in 2022. Their tickets sold out in minutes after their release with fans waiting in online queue for hours in hopes of a chance to see the Foo Fighters live.


Ticket Prices

Tickets prices started out somewhat reasonable but once selling out so quickly, fans began noticing the extortionate prices of resale tickets.

Tickets at Manchester venue were originally priced at £82.50 for pitch standing and £104.50 for reserved seating.

Once sold out resale sites such as Viagogo began posting tickets at sky high prices, pitch standing tickets for £200 and seating for £493, around 4 times the original price.

Fans took to social media with their disgust at the resale and their wish for a third Manchester show from the Foo Fighters. Sadly for the fans, no extra show dates were revealed.

Resale sites posted a statement to assure fans that their sites allow for tickets to be bought and sold between fans with a secure platform and that mostly those at high prices are rarely bought with prices falling closer to the date of the shows.

Today on Viagogo tickets for the show in Birmingham on the 27th June are priced around £79-140 can be found which is much more attainable for fans. So resale prices do come down but is there a risk of being too late?


The risk of resale

Buying resale tickets has become very common as concerts and events sell out in minutes and people take to selling their ticket on, often for a higher price.

Buying on resale comes with a risk factor as they are more expensive than you would have originally paid and the risk of scams is much higher. People have experienced not being able to enter the venue with their resale ticket as it was not an official ticket. Additionally, people find that their tickets never actually existed after paying the money, being left a few hundred pounds down without a chance to see their favourite artists.

The risk of buying from someone on social media could be even higher as buying without a secure site can leave you in danger of sending money or collecting from a complete stranger.

The CMA have ordered the largest ticket selling platforms to offer a more transparent process, including, Viagogo, Stubhub, Seatwave and GET ME IN.

The process will now have to include,

  • Information about any restrictions on the view or entry
  • If the seats bought together are located together or separately
  • Any additional costs that come with buying the ticket
  • The price of the original ticket so that the buyer can compare
  • Contact information in case anything goes wrong with the tickets


Ticket master have often been named as the most secure site to buy tickets and resale tickets through after the original venue.


How much would you be willing to pay to see your favourite artist and are resale prices unreasonable?