You Gov shares decline more than a third after pollings this morning and warnings come that annual profits would fall short of their forecasts.

You Gov do not make the majority of their revenue from the electoral polls and instead they are a company which conducts market research for businesses to generate their income.

They have shared 9 public polls since the announcement of the UK election date.

They conduct opinion polling throughout this period for the upcoming election, they share the consensus of the UK public on the political parties to reveal predictions on which way it could go.


Expected revenue

Financial Times shares the updated expected profit for You Gov which has fallen from £48,3million in 2023 to between £41 - £44 million now.

Most would expect You Gov to experience a boost during election time however this is a small factor towards their revenue.


The Financial Times reveal what the company feels are the factors to blame for their plummeting shares…

  • The slowing sales of its data products division
  • The declining demand for its fast research services
  • The challenges seen in their European, Middle East and African Markets

Their focuses for the next financial year

  • Optimising its cost base
  • Prioritising investment in key growth areas
  • Developing AI capabilities
  • Enhancing Sales organisations