To start investing you will need to set up an account on a trading platform. Upload your details to the platform and deposit funds to begin. Some platforms will have a minimum fund that you can start investing with.

Make sure you know all the details of trading platforms before investing so you can make start the right way.


Trading fees

When you create your account on a trading platform you will have to pay fees to use their services.

Some platforms will charge a flat fee or alternatively will charge a percentage of the portfolio value. Brokers such as, AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown charge one platform fee for a portion of your portfolio held as shares as well as one fee for the portion held as funds.

There will also be a flat fee when you sell and buy an investment typically ranging between £5-10.

Investments into companies outside of the UK will cost extra as well as an extra charge if you are inactive on your platform.

If you make a certain amount of trades in a month could get you a reduced rate.

You can do it from your phone

You will need a trading platform to begin investing, many have an app so you can keep an eye on it whenever you like. For some you will have to pay a fee to use the platform, this a service fee for the platform to buy shares on your behalf.


Popular Trading Platforms

Below are some popular platforms investors use, make sure you research each one and decide which one works best for you before you begin. Pay attention to the platforms different fees.

Hargreaves Lansdown

To open the account you will need your debit card information and National insurance number, you can set up online or on the app where you can also track your investments.

They have the option of ETFs, government bonds, investment trusts, UK and overseas trades so you have a variety to choose between.

They have no platform fees but do charge between £5.95 to £11.95 per investment you buy or sell. The charge will decrease with the more trades you make each month. They will take this automatically from your account, if you do not have enough funds on your account they will sell some shares on your behalf.


AJ Bell

Again there are no annual platform fees, you will be able to track your investment through their app and buy, sell and withdraw whenever you choose.

You will be charges 0.25% of your first £0- £250,000 on the account, this covers the service of using their platforms. The charge will decrease when the value of your shares increases.

For dealing shares you will be charges £5 each time you sell or invest but won’t be charges to withdraw.


Free Trade

Targeted towards new investors making it simple to use and get started. There are no trading fees so you can buy and sell whenever you please. The app has simplified investing so could be a great choice to start with.

Download the app to start and keep updated on your stocks. The app is UK based and is regulated however it does come with high conversion fees if you choose to trade with Overseas companies.