BP America’s largest energy investor

BP’s business activities in the US helped generate close to $143 billion (€121 billion) in economic impact in 2013 and currently support nearly 220,000 American jobs, according to the company’s recent US Economic Impact Report 2014.

Released early January, BP’s new report provides a detailed, state-by-state look at the breadth and impact of the company’s activities in America. Since 2009, BP has invested nearly $50 billion (€42 billion), making it America’s largest energy investor. In 2013 alone, BP spent $22 billion (€18.6 billion) with vendors across the country on products and services, ranging from offshore drilling rigs to gasoline-producing equipment for its refineries.

“No energy company has invested more in the US over the past five years than BP,” said John Mingé, BP America Chairman and President. “Our investments not only provide the energy to power the nation, but they also support hundreds of thousands of jobs that fuel the economy.”

BP’s business investments in the US include oil and natural gas exploration and production, fuel and chemical refining, lubricants, shipping, trading, renewable energy production and technology research and development. The US also is home to a number of operations that serve BP’s global businesses, such as the Centre for High-Performance Computing in Houston, which houses the world’s largest supercomputer for commercial research. Nearly 40% of BP’s publicly traded shares are also held in the US.

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