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Whether you're seeking the best savings accounts, exploring high-interest options, or looking for secure and efficient banking solutions, our resources aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge for effective money management and achieving your saving goals.
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How Financial Wellness Enhances Mental and Physical Health

19th April 2024
You do not have to be a psychology expert to know that finances affect people's feelings. Every person who has been through challenging financial situations knows first-hand how mentally draining being unable to pay bills can be.  This mental pressure, at some point, starts to manifest in a decline in a person's mental and physical […]
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What are the types of impulse buying so you can avoid them?

19th April 2024
If you feel yourself often giving into impulse buying this could be hurting your finances and cutting off your savings. Most people give into impulse buying at least a few times a month and regret it quickly afterward. If you are trying to save, reducing your impulse buys could help you do this.   Avoid […]
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Digital Banking Transformation: Navigating the New Financial Frontier

19th April 2024
The world of finance is, on the verge of a change, driven by the digital revolution in banking. It's more than moving from bank branches to online services; it's about completely reimagining how we bank in today's digital world. Leading this transformation is the field of banking software development, where technology and finance come together to offer efficient and personalized […]
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Should I switch bank accounts?

18th April 2024
HSBC data shows that 54% of people in Britain have had the same current account for over a decade and 2 in 5 remain at their same bank for over 15 years. This is despite 64% of people reporting they receive no benefits at their current bank. So, is switching bank accounts a good idea […]
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ISA VS. Savings account

16th April 2024
When you are trying to save money it is best to find the right type of account to keep it safe and this could be a savings account or an ISA.   ISA An ISA is an effective way to save large sums of money and be a secure account to keep the money from […]
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Why should I start saving money now?

16th April 2024
No matter what stage of life you are in at the moment, saving money is always beneficial, even if you are saving small amounts at a time. There are so many ways to start saving money that can help you begin including, budgeting apps,  learning the 50-30-20 rule and more. You will be able to […]
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What to do if you are a victim of bank fraud

15th April 2024
Cases of bank fraud have been rising so it is important to be aware of how to spot fraud before you become a victim. Fraudsters are becoming well adept knowing how to target and scam people to gain access to accounts or to steal money from you. Don't be embarrassed and make sure you act […]
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Legal Expenses in Personal Finance: Tips to Stay Financially Afloat

12th April 2024
Most think personal financial management only involves savings and investments. Often, such individuals overlook a critical component: preparing for unforeseen legal costs. This oversight can lead to tumultuous fiscal waters when navigating the complexities of hiring legal representation.  But fret not, as this article is your compass through the intricate world of legal expenses. The […]
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Financial Recovery After a Personal Injury: Steps to Secure Your Settlement Check

11th April 2024
The problems you’ll face after being injured in an accident aren’t purely physical, as the financial ramifications can be just as much of a millstone around your neck. Securing your settlement check marks a pivotal moment, yet many find themselves unprepared for the intricacies involved.  So with that in mind, here’s a tactical guide to […]
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How to prevent and spot bank fraud

11th April 2024
The amount of fraud cases has been rising and with digital banking becoming the new norm there are many ways someone can get access to your account. It is important to stay aware of scams so you can protect your accounts.  The Guardian reported that fraud cases in the UK more than doubled in 2023 […]
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What is the 50-30-20 money saving rule?

11th April 2024
If you are trying to save money and need some extra tips then the 50-30-20 rule could be super helpful to create a budget. With this rule you will be splitting your income up and assigning each pot of money to a selected category. This rule will work best if you have a separate savings […]
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Banks with the highest record of fraud

10th April 2024
The PSR conduct research to discover which banks were subject to the most fraud as well as the rate at which reimbursement was provided to customers. UK Finance has found that APP fraud in the first half of 2023 came to a total of £239.3m and there was £152.8m returned to the victims. APP fraud […]
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