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Reform pledges mean this for the economy

18th June 2024
Today is the last chance to register to vote ready for the July 4th election and below we have the latest manifesto pledges from the Reform party, led by Nigel Farage. The pledges below focus on the  financial changes and how they plan to change the economy if they come into parliament this year.   […]
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Navigating B2B Investment Trends

14th June 2024
For entrepreneurs building successful business-to-business (B2B) companies, keeping a pulse on continually evolving investment dynamics is crucial for optimizing exit timing and securing maximum value. Whether through acquisition or taking the company public, understanding prevailing market forces, buyer appetites, and deal-making conditions empower owners to position their companies and proactively cultivate the right relationships strategically. […]
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Labour manifesto means more promises with little evidence

13th June 2024
Labour are promising to grow the economy and pull the UK out of the crisis they argue the conservative led the country to. They will do this by prioritising funding into areas that need it, education, the NHS and working people.   They have pledged to end the tax exemptions for private school and start […]
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Key Policy Recommendations for the 2024 UK General Election

13th June 2024
Richard Otoo and Bhagirath Jain from the Tax and Accountancy Clinic based at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at the University of East London outline key policy recommendations for the 2024 UK General Election, emphasising tax simplification, SME support, innovation funding, regulatory reforms, and green investments to drive economic growth and sustainability. Tax Simplification and […]
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Liberal Democrats promises for the economy

13th June 2024
NHS They have pledged to increase NHS funding by £9.4bn. This will be used to increase the number of GPs by 8000 full time, qualified members. Giving Pharmacists the right to prescribe some medication in order to free up GP time and speeding up appointment waiting times. They plan to bring down waiting times for […]
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Smart Tech Solutions for Savvy Seniors: A 2024 Guide

13th June 2024
Technology is a beautiful thing that can benefit humanity. It continues to reshape every aspect of our lives, including how senior citizens care for themselves and function in society. There is plenty of innovation in the active-aging field. The US active-aging industry, which includes smart living technologies, health care, safety devices, and wellness tech, is […]
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VAT on Private schools and what this could mean?

13th June 2024
As part of their promises Labour have included a VAT on Private schools and the end of their business rate relief. This would be a 20% VAT charge for all private schools which they currently do not pay. Labour expect this policy to raise £1.7bn in funds with which they plan to spend on state […]
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What is GDP?

13th June 2024
Trying to be informed about finances and the economy can become challenging when abbreviations are used and not explained.   GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. This has become an abbreviation used to reference a point for the health of national and global economies. So, when GDP is growing this will mean workers and businesses […]
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Green party promises for the economy

12th June 2024
The Green Party Promises   Taxes Raise National insurance to 8% for people earning over £50,270, this would affect less than 5m people. Someone earning £55,000 will pay £5.46 more a week or £283.74 a year.   Introduce a 1% wealth tax on assets over £10m and 2% for those over £1bn.   The promised […]
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How much National debt does the UK have?

12th June 2024
How much debt does the UK have? In the year ending March 2024, the ONS reports that the government borrowed £121.4bn. The report showed that the government borrowed £7.3b more than the £114.1b forecast by ONS. Overall, National debt has reached levels of £22.7 trillion which has been built up over the years. ONS report […]
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The Conservative manifesto affects you

11th June 2024
Today, the Conservative party have announced their manifesto with Rishi Sunak stating their pledges for their time in parliament if they are voted in on July 4th.   The pledges which could affect you   If you're planning to buy a home Reviving the Help to Buy scheme for first time buyers. The government will […]
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Fake News in the Finance Industry

10th June 2024
One might say “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating” and shrug one’s shoulders when it comes to fake news. History is full of incidents such as the Ems Dispatch or the Gleiwitz incident, so what characterizes fake news in finance and why is this an important problem? Thanks to the internet, it […]
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