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Discover the essentials of safeguarding your future. This segment offers valuable insights into different types of insurance policies, including life, health, car, and property insurance. Our expert guidance helps you understand coverage options, compare premiums, and make informed decisions about the right protection for you and your loved ones.

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Stay informed about the latest trends in the insurance industry and learn how to choose policies that offer the best balance of coverage and cost, ensuring peace of mind and financial security.
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Ethical Insurance is Not a Myth

31st March 2020
At Finance Monthly, we naturally speak with a lot of people who work within the financial services sector. Very few of those people, however, mention words such as ‘ethics’, ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’. This month, we had the pleasure to connect with commercial lines power broker, Jason Fairbanks, the President and CEO of Fairbanks Insurance Brokers - a California-based brokerage which specialises in insurance coverage for builders and tradesmen working within the construction industry. Jason Fairbanks has devoted his career to ‘doing the right thing’ and proving to other insurers that you can be ethical to your clients and still have a profitable business. Below he tells us more about it.
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The Pros and Cons of Cyber Insurance

26th March 2020
As the world of finance becomes increasingly digitised, businesses can expect to come under threat from cyber-attacks. For many firms, cyber insurance can provide a much-needed shield against this danger.
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A Quick Guide to Comparing Life Insurance

19th February 2020
In times of uncertainty, it's important to make the right decisions when it comes to securing yourself for the future, especially when you have to select a life insurance policy that fits your needs.
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IR35 & the Insurance Challenges Freelancers Face

31st January 2020
Donna Smith is the Schemes Director at Caunce O’Hara & Co Ltd. As a professional who’s worked within the firm’s Freelance Contractor team for 20 years, Donna speaks with Finance Monthly about the challenges that freelancers face when it comes to insurance.
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How Can AI Improve the Insurance Industry?

4th September 2019
Much is made of the disruptive impact that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are set to have over the coming years, but little is known about the way AI will specifically impact different industries.
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An Everything-You-Need-to-Know Guide on Home Insurance

16th August 2019
Admit it; home insurance is not something you spend time thinking about. For most people, it is merely a requirement they have to comply for home mortgage loan approval. Others are content with knowing they have one.
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Customer Experience Exchange for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Exchange 2019

11th July 2019
Come to the US's best Customer Experience Exchange for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance taking place this October in Miami.
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7 Major Flaws in Specialist Commercial Cyber Insurance Cover

25th January 2019
Mactavish says there has been a surge in businesses buying specialist cyber insurance, but it warns the immaturity of this market means there are significant flaws in the majority of these policies.
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8 Questions to Ask from The Insurance Company

2nd January 2019
1.  What Is Essential to Know About Car Insurance? It is essential to compare the quotes and rates to know about some points. Different insurance companies offer various benefits, and you get the opportunities to save maximum on the insurance plans. It is up to you how much you research the market and which policy […]
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Bringing Down the Cost of Car Insurance Cover

12th December 2018
Most motorists are well aware of the expenses involved in driving. In addition to paying for the vehicle itself, there are many other costs that have to be considered. This includes the cost of filling up the tank, the cost of servicing and repairs, and the cost of insurance amongst other things. When it comes […]
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Can Fitbit Data Help Life Insurance Quotes?

16th October 2018
New research from MoneySuperMarket reveals that a third of Brits (33%) currently use a smart device to monitor their health, capturing data that could help identify health issues and affect the way life insurance premiums are calculated. With the number of connected wearable devices set to rise further in 2019,  MoneySuperMarket research reveals that millennials […]
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The Biggest Challenge for the US Insurance Sector

28th September 2018
We speak with thought leader Andrew Morris - a wealth transfer expert who’s dedicated his career to helping clients plan, grow and protect their assets. For over 25 years now, he’s been passionate about helping families with setting up charitable remainder trusts and assisting families with special needs to secure their future through the use […]
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