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Steps Every CFO Should Take to Create a Holistic Risk Management Budget

5th December 2019
For CFOs, it can be a difficult task to determine how much money to dedicate to risk management. Without properly analysing each sector of the company and asking critical questions, this task can seem impossible.
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5 Ways to Manage Your Travel Budget

20th August 2019
Do you like to travel every year but can't because you don’t have enough expendable budget for it? Keep in mind that traveling within the city or the state isn’t as difficult as some people make it sound. The only thing that matters is the budget you have.
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Size of Personal Debt Continues to Rise

27th July 2018
According to the latest YouGov debt research commissioned by Equifax, 15% of UK adults have missed a payment on a credit card or short term loan at some point. Almost a third (32%) of UK adults with a credit card admit that, in a typical month, they don’t pay off their credit cards debts in […]
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A 10 Step Debt Financing Guide to a Smoother M&A Deal

4th May 2017
In today's low interest rate environment, leverage remains the smart option for financing mid-market acquisitions. For starters, it satisfies the corporate desire for enhanced returns on equity and cash conservation. Moreover, the competition for deals among established lenders and the many recent entrants into the market has driven down loan pricing and diversified product offerings […]
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Are you winning at debt management?

19th December 2016
Are you winning at debt management?
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