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From understanding mortgage terms to tips on securing the best rates, we're here to guide you through the process of financing your home, simplifying complex concepts and helping you achieve your property dreams.
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Will Mortgage rates fall?

22nd May 2024
It was announced this week that inflation rates have finally fallen to a ‘normal’ rate of 2.3% after a long road of rising rates. This is much closer to the Bank of England’s target of 2%. The Bank of England has held their rates at 5.25% setting this to tackle the rising inflation. With the […]
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Home insurance costs are rising so what can you do to keep the prices down?

20th May 2024
Home insurance premiums are becoming more expensive as conditions such as extreme weather are pushing the prices up. Figures released by Compare the Market showed that from January to March this year home insurance costs rose by a huge 31%. It was found that the average combined building and contents policy climbed up to £209 […]
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More young home owners gamble their retirement with mortgages lasting past state pension age

16th May 2024
  Over one million people have taken out new mortgagees that are set to run past retirement age in what is a growing trend. The data has been supplied for the Bank of England by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Freedom of Information Act, and was later obtained by Steve Webb who is a […]
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Winning the race to rent

15th May 2024
Rental properties are hard to catch and recently the competition has become fiercer as Zoopla report that listed rental properties only remain available for 25 days on average. The high demand coupled with the lack of available properties is forcing tenants to move quickly. 3 things you need to do to win the race
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Am I eligible for a mortgage?

3rd May 2024
Trying to get a mortgage can be a difficult process and making sure you are eligible before beginning could speed up the process for you. If you are starting the mortgage application process then you will know there are many documents you will need to have for this. To make sure you are eligible to […]
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Major lenders increase mortgage rates but there are ways to lower repayments

2nd May 2024
Home owners have suffered another setback with the news that three major lenders have announced that they are to increase their fixed mortgage rates. Nationwide, NatWest and Santander have all announced rate hikes, due to increased uncertainty over when the Bank of England plan to cut interest rates, currently at a 16- year high of […]
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How the high cost of living is affecting potential first time buyers

1st May 2024
The rise in the cost of living has affected many who are looking to buy their first home, according to a recent poll by major mortgage lender Nationwide. Overall 84% of the 1,000 people who were questioned in the study, said that that the rising prices had knocked back their ability to finally step onto […]
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What if I can’t pay back my mortgage?

22nd April 2024
Your mortgage should be your top priority debt over any other forms as missing or falling behind on payments could result in serious consequences.   What will happen If I can’t pay it back in full? Most lenders will allow for 3 missed payments before they start taking action. If you have taken out a […]
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The most expensive places to buy a home in the UK

22nd April 2024
The UK property market has seen sky rocketing prices including rising mortgage rates making it more difficult for people to get on the property ladder. House prices have been falling slowly even in places like Manchester. Where has seen the biggest price falls? East of England, South East and South West have seen the largest […]
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Key Indicators Suggest UK Housing Market Trending in the Right Direction

16th April 2024
The UK housing market has been particularly volatile over the last few years. In 2022, house prices soared into the stratosphere. The rush of people willing to buy and sell caused quite a stir. Then, inevitably, everything cooled off. House prices dipped and people stopped submitting for mortgages in such high volumes. There was also […]
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Property Development Finance in Scotland: A Comprehensive Guide

11th April 2024
Introduction Property development finance plays a pivotal role in the Scottish real estate landscape, enabling developers to transform concepts into tangible assets. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer, understanding the intricacies of financing is essential. In this guide, we delve into the specifics of property development finance in Scotland. 1. Mechanics of Property […]
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Understanding Property Development Exit Finance

11th April 2024
What is Development Exit Finance? Property development exit finance is a specialised form of short-term lending designed to assist property developers and comes into play when the development project is nearing completion or is complete, but you’re waiting for sales to finalise. This type of finance is used to repay any outstanding property development finance or […]
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