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Navigate the world of home ownership with the Mortgages section of Finance Monthly. This segment offers expert advice and the latest information on mortgage options, rates, and trends. Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to refinance, or exploring investment properties, our resources provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

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From understanding mortgage terms to tips on securing the best rates, we're here to guide you through the process of financing your home, simplifying complex concepts and helping you achieve your property dreams.
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What a Labour Government means for the housing market

8th July 2024
With the elections result naming Labour as the winners we now wait for the action they promised to be delivered. Labour promises for home owners and renters will be watched to see which ones come through to help those getting onto the property market. Their Promises for the housing market They have promised to begin […]
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3 banks lower their home loan costs

27th June 2024
With the recent news that inflation has fallen to 2% meeting the bank of England’s targets there was speculation of mortgage rates falling. However, the Bank of England has kept their base rate at 5.25% at their June review. The next review will on the 1 August where there is still hope for a lower […]
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7 statistics about first time home buyers!

24th June 2024
We know first time buyers are fighting against the cost of living to try to get on to the property market and own their first home. This is causing the age of first time buyers to increase with the average age now being 33-34 across the UK.   Uswitch have recorded data surrounding first time […]
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6 questions to ask at a house viewing

20th June 2024
When you are going to view a house it's important to go with questions in mind so you get all the information you can. This is a big decision so make sure you get both sides. The real estate agent may not give you the whole truth about everything, they are trying to sell it […]
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How the Election could affect mortgage rates

17th June 2024
Mortgage rates are not directly set by the government but rather by lenders influenced from factors such as the Bank of England base rate of interest and general Inflation. Events such as elections can impact interest rates due to the uncertainty. Data from Mojo Mortgages helps us to understand the changes in mortgage rates since […]
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The average age of first time home buyers is increasing

14th June 2024
We know that the property market is incredibly difficult to get on to with higher mortgage rates and struggling to save enough for high deposits. The age for first time home buyers is increasing and people are having to wait longer and spend longer saving and scraping before they can afford to buy their own […]
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What is Stamp Duty and how much do I pay?

12th June 2024
When you buy a residential property such as a new home you will have to pay stamp duty, a tax to transfer the ownership of the property. Stamp duty is another part of buying a house you need to be aware of and make sure you know how much you have to pay.   How […]
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What happened to the Renters' Reform Bill and will the general election change anything?

6th June 2024
The Renters’ Reform Bill has been seen by many as a silver bullet to rebalance the relationship between renters and landlords, but it will not be rubber stamped before the general election on 4 July. Last month before the surprise announcement of the election the bill reached the House of Lords, but later it was […]
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House prices reach record high in spring sales boost

30th May 2024
The average asking price for a house in the UK has reached a record high in May according to online property portal Rightmove. House prices have reached £375,131 as national average for this month, compared to the £372,324 average that was found for April. It’s not unusual for prices to climb upwards during the spring […]
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Understanding Real Estate Market Trends: A Guide for Future Investors

29th May 2024
Navigating the real estate market can seem like deciphering a complex map without a compass. Investors, new and seasoned alike, seek to understand the terrain. Amid shifting economic indicators and demographic trends, staying informed is not just an advantage - it's essential. The pivot towards savvy investing hinges on education; a concrete understanding of market […]
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Will Mortgage rates fall?

22nd May 2024
It was announced this week that inflation rates have finally fallen to a ‘normal’ rate of 2.3% after a long road of rising rates. This is much closer to the Bank of England’s target of 2%. The Bank of England has held their rates at 5.25% setting this to tackle the rising inflation. With the […]
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Home insurance costs are rising so what can you do to keep the prices down?

20th May 2024
Home insurance premiums are becoming more expensive as conditions such as extreme weather are pushing the prices up. Figures released by Compare the Market showed that from January to March this year home insurance costs rose by a huge 31%. It was found that the average combined building and contents policy climbed up to £209 […]
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