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Navigate the world of home ownership with the Mortgages section of Finance Monthly. This segment offers expert advice and the latest information on mortgage options, rates, and trends. Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to refinance, or exploring investment properties, our resources provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

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From understanding mortgage terms to tips on securing the best rates, we're here to guide you through the process of financing your home, simplifying complex concepts and helping you achieve your property dreams.
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HNWIs and Mortgages – Not as Easy as You Think

14th April 2021
While the wealthy should logically be well-positioned to cope with a mortgage, they are often faced with difficulties in securing credit.
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The Rise of Holiday Homes vs. Buy-to-Let Mortgages

31st March 2020
With a rise in staycation tourism, many people looking to top-up their wages or pensions are investing in holiday homes, with the number of people choosing a self-catering holiday in the UK rising from 6.22 million to 7.23 million between 2015 and 2017 alone. With the recent fall in the value of the pound due to Brexit uncertainty and coronavirus panic, the holiday home market is set to increase further in popularity – but why are holiday homes becoming more popular than buy-to-let mortgages?
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Orange Bank Among First Fintech Banks to Offer Mortgages

18th November 2019
Two years after its launch, Orange Bank is living up to its initial promise; occupying a position in the banking market with an offer that differentiates it from the competition: simple, accessible, above all mobile and regularly enriched with new services such as transfers by SMS in 2018 and the Visa Premium card in 2019.
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Here’s How Tech is Making Mortgages Easier to Understand

13th May 2019
The mortgage market is, in many ways, a complex entity. Regardless of the facet you assess, things are rarely clear.
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Mortgages: Banking on Mum & Dad?

5th November 2018
Buying a house as a first-time buyer is notoriously tricky. What’s more, it has been getting even more difficult as of late. A range of factors, from stagnating wages to increased credit risks, can make it harder for many would-be homeowners to get their plans off the ground. However, the family could be an answer […]
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Seconds anyone? A look at real life case studies for second charge mortgages

5th November 2018
The second charge mortgage marketplace has come a long way in recent years with lower fixed rates and no early repayment charges. Second charge lenders like Together Money and Masthaven have been offering borrowers a lifeline where they may not have meet the requirements of many the high street lenders and banks. Here with the […]
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The Evolution of Mortgages: 21 Years and Beyond

31st March 2017
With real estate markets in a bubble of volatility from year to year, mortgage rates due to rebound, and increasing purchase struggle for first time buyers, it’s about time we looked back through the years and really understood how we’ve arrived where we are today. This month Finance Monthly has heard from Tracie Pearce, Head […]
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The Evolution of Mortgages: 21 Years and Beyond

20th March 2017
This week Finance Monthly has heard from Tracie Pearce, Head of Mortgages at HSBC. Tracie gives us a rundown of mortgage history from day one, and points towards the shifts that are set to further shape how buyers afford their bricks.
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