Panoramas More Important Than Profit for Property Market?


Financial gains in the UK housing market are being put on the back burner, as low noise levels, a place to relax and unwind and a home with good natural light and views of nature – are now seen as three times more important than a house that will improve in value – according to a new report by construction giant Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland.

The study, which shows that 90% of homeowners and renters want a home that doesn’t compromise their health and wellbeing, also unveiled that environmental factors are top of respondent’s minds – with high energy bills, the levels of cold in winter and noise from neighbours among the top three things people want to change in their home.

The study, which quizzed more than 3,000 homeowners and renters across the UK, delved further into the top desires of a home, finding 84% of people want a property to be environmentally friendly, but only 16% would be willing to pay more for it. Safety also ranked highly – for the under 50’s a neighbourhood where children can play outside safely, is the most important and for the over 50’s a home where they feel safe and secure is key.

Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability at Levitt Bernstein comments of the findings; “From the results of the survey there is a distinct opportunity to connect views of external green spaces with areas of safe and easily accessible play to suit all life stages. Linking homes and people with the visual comfort provided by views of nature, while allowing children the independence to experience it, should continue to be a priority for the homes we design and build in the future.”

Developed to influence the future of homes, ‘The UK Home, Health and Wellbeing Report’ conducted by Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland, and released in collaboration with academia and other businesses in the built environment sector, including the UK Green Building Council, UCL and Levitt Bernstein – provides insight into better understanding householder needs and makes sure homes are truly fit for purpose.

Stacey Temprell, Habitat Marketing Director at Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland, commented: “Looking to how the study can step change the industry, it’s clear that putting wellbeing at top billing for property and rental listings, as well as influencing the building factors for new properties could be huge. The report detailed that 91% of 18 — 24 year olds for example, are the most likely group to be influenced by energy ratings when it comes to choosing a home to rent or buy – and these are our future decision makers.”

(Source: Multi Comfort)