What is Fintech for Mental Health?

People with mental health problems are three times as likely to face financial difficulties. As well as affecting our income, mental health problems can make it harder to manage money, control spending and stay on top of bills.

Tonight the MMHPI will launch a new report exploring how fintech solutions could empower people with mental health problems – allowing greater control in periods of poor mental health.

Hosted by Monzo and chaired by Ghela Boskovich, Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships at Startup Bootcamp, the panel includes;

Zander Brade, Product Designer at Monzo

Richard Morgans, Head of Digital Innovation Lab and fintech at TSB

Chris Fitch, Vulnerability Lead, Money Advice Trust & Research Fellow, Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol

Katie Evans, Head of Research and Policy at Money and Mental Health