4 Fun Facts About ICOs You Probably Knew Nothing About

We decided to find out a few unique things about ICOs, so we gathered four interesting facts that we thought you might like to know. Take a look.

Did you know that in 2017 alone, close to $4 billion in startup capital was raised through ICOs? Well, according to info we found out at BTXchange, ever since the issuance of the first ICO in 2013, a lot of hype has been created around this futuristic form of fundraising.

1. Most ICOs Use the Ethereum Platform

A good number of ICOs are established on the Ethereum platform. This comes as no surprise considering the nature of cryptocurrencies generated by the startups who launch ICOs.

The Ethereum network has been known to be offering a lot of essential components for running a crypto project. For example, you can conduct an ICO token presale by using Ethereum-powered smart contracts which have proven to be pretty much reliable.

2. A lot of ICO Projects Get Published On Medium

Medium is one of the biggest publishing platforms for crypto projects. The platform gained fame after BitcoinTalk forum declined in popularity a few years ago. Currently, many ICOs publish their whitepapers and information at this place due to the high traffic associated with the site.

It has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate, which is especially convenient for users who wish to browse through tons of projects on the platform with minimal time and effort.

3. Telegram Is the Core Messaging and Chatting Platform

ICOs are time sensitive; any delay in communication could potentially be damaging to the participants. For instance, if an ICO has a discount within a certain period, information needs to be communicated to the crypto community as quickly as possible.

Telegram provides a chance for the ICO issuers and subscribers to communicate promptly. Users can get timely answers to critical issues including the status of the tokens release, listing on exchanges, pricing, and more.

4. They Are Subject to Regulations

Contrary to the popular myth, ICOs are regulated to at least some extent in most countries. It is not possible anymore to just launch one and wait to collect enough funds to start your business. In fact, if you are a US-based organization and ignore the relevant laws, there is no doubt you will quickly land in hot water.

If you wish to discover more interesting facts about ICOs, how they work, and their history and current state, check out the infographic below.

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