UK Tops Global Standings for Fintech Investment

With Brexit approaching, will UK scale-up businesses maintain their appeal to global investors?

The UK has long been a top destination for investors, having received over £4.5bn of investment into technology companies within the last 3 years. However, with Brexit on the horizon, there is a discussion about how the UK can maintain its attractiveness to foreign and domestic investors after leaving the European Union.

Ana Bencic, Founder and CEO of NextHash, comments on how UK-based, high-growth companies can maintain their appeal to investors in a post-Brexit Britain:

“It is clear that in the UK currently, there is no slowdown in appetite for the investment opportunities that exist, especially in the fast-growing tech sector, but there are questions about whether this will continue after Britain has left the European Union. The UK’s abundance of high-growth businesses, particularly those in the technology sector including FinTech, require vital growth finance in the next five years and with the current funding gap, how will these businesses thrive in post-Brexit Britain?

“Blockchain investment platforms can help make global growth finance for scaling technology businesses more transparent and easier to access. Both individual and institutional traders will be able to engage more with blockchain technology-backed trading, where the businesses are backed by a Digital Security Offering and there is greater potential to make rapid returns on their investments than the traditional venture capital route. When this is adopted into the mainstream, it will revolutionise the way businesses will access scale-up finance, how investors will access these companies, and how illiquid shares can be traded into liquid capital in ways never imagined before. As Britain prepares for Brexit, new forms of investment could be crucial for these scaling businesses as well as global investors who want to maintain access to the UK marketplace.”

(Source: NextHash)

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