7 Technologies Disrupting the Finance Industry

A detailed infographic by Prototype outlines the emerging technologies that are changing the world's financial landscape.

Money is a sensitive subject when it comes to the legal world. This is why governments are having a difficult time adjusting their policies to allow the utilization of emerging technologies to enhance traditional financial services. Add to that the boundless possibilities and unexplored scenarios of the results of adopting these technologies, then you have more people opposing the idea instead of championing them.

For instance, many proponents have shown the superiority of using blockchain technology in carrying out cheaper and more secure financial transactions through cryptocurrencies. But until today, most governments still don’t know how to respond to the growing market.

The challenge now lies with traditional finance companies who can only benefit from using these technologies for more efficient systematized operations. If these organizations can adopt these tech while assuring the authorities about the consistent quality and security of the service, they can help speed up the changes in the existing guidelines and policies.

This infographic by Prototype discusses the various technologies that are disrupting the financial industry.

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