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3 Great Ways to Rethink and Achieve Your 2020 Bucket List

A reminder that, even in a year as fraught as this, your personal goals can still be reached with a little bit of planning.

Posted: 17th June 2020 by Finance Monthly
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Benjamin Franklin said it best: "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” We all need goals and objectives. Some of these should be ambitious and fanciful. We all have our dream house or dream vacation — even if we know it may never truly come to pass.

But you need some real-world goals grounded in reality. Ultimately, these practical items are what should be populating your “bucket list.” Sure, always keep a few unlikely-to-achieve items in your back pocket. But you want to really focus on the ones that you know you can — and will — tick off.

And don’t procrastinate! Your bucket list is hopefully long and full of great experiences. There’s no time to waste letting them just sit there.

Yes, achieving some things will be more difficult for many people this year for a variety of reasons. But don’t use excuses and instead focus on the other goals that you still can attack. And if you need a little inspiration, set your sights on checking off the following three 2020 bucket list items.

1. Explore Professional Development

For every person, in every line of work, there is always some thing that you know will help you develop in your career. Maybe it’s learning a new skill, like becoming a spreadsheet or data wizard. Maybe it’s improving your communication ability, like mastering public speaking so you can get your ideas heard. Maybe it's finding a mentor who can help you see something that you keep missing. Or maybe it is sitting down and devising a new strategy or process to improve your company that will surely knock the socks off you boss and earn you that promotion. But no matter what it is, get started today.

2. Keep Your Mind on Your Money

We all need to improve our financial literacy, strategy, or discipline in one way or another. It’s time to stop hoping and start doing. Do you keep tapping into your savings for discretionary purchases? Are you failing to put away enough for retirement? Are you throwing away too much on interest payments? Or, God forbid, do you still not have a good budgeting tool that keeps you on task? Perhaps now more than ever, you need to work to get your financial life in order, and you should look at all the financial services tools out there to help you get it done.


3. Splurge on Something for You

While being financially disciplined is great, that actually isn’t the problem for many people. Some are too stingy and fail to hit their bucket list items out of an overabundance of caution. If that’s you, maybe now is the time to splurge a little. Do so responsibly, but recognize that there are some great prices out there on toys and luxuries that you may have been eyeing for years. Maybe today is the perfect time to buy that RV you have always wanted and do some road trip traveling to dream locations. Along with good deals, you can also find fantastic credit financing options that offer perks and cash back rewards.

Rethinking Your 2020 Bucket List Goals

Achieving your lifelong goals is never easy. That goes double in a year like this. But there are always ways to look at your bucket list from a different angle and start checking off some key boxes no matter what.

It doesn’t have to be all skydiving and flights to Paris. There are other objectives you can pursue even today. Start exploring your professional development goals, work on hitting a key financial benchmark for you, and don’t forget to find creative ways to splurge on yourself — and even travel.

The world may be more complicated than ever — but it’s still your oyster. Even when everything is turned upside down, your life can still be whatever you make it.

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