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FCA Appoints Nikhil Rathi as Chief Executive

The former head of the London Stock Exchange will now head up the Financial Conduct Authority, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has confirmed.

Posted: 22nd June 2020 by Finance Monthly
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On Monday, HM Treasury named Nikhil Rathi, former chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, as the new head of the FCA.

Rathi will take over from interim chief executive Christopher Woolard, who entered the position after the last permanent CEO, Andrew Bailey, who led the regulator for over four years before stepping down in March to become governor of the Bank of England.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said in a statement on the appointment: “Nikhil is the outstanding candidate for the position of chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, and I am delighted that he has agreed to take up the role.

We have conducted a thorough, worldwide search for this crucial appointment and, through his wide-ranging experiences across financial services, I am confident that Nikhil will bring the ambitious vision and leadership this organisation demands.”

Rathi, who is ethnically British-Asian, will also be the first BAME head of the watchdog. He will be paid £455,000 a year with a 12% pension, though he will not be entitled to bonuses. His term will last for five years.

Commenting on his new appointment, Rathi said: “I am honoured to be appointed chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority - I look forward to building on the strong legacy of Andrew Bailey and the exceptional leadership of Christopher Woolard and the FCA executive team during the crisis.

In the years ahead, we will create together an even more diverse organisation, supporting the recovery with a special focus on vulnerable consumers, embracing new technology, playing our part in tackling climate change, enforcing high standards and ensuring the UK is a thought leader in international regulatory discussions.”

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