Why Mobile Notary Services Are Saving the Day for Corporate Finance Teams

If you work in the corporate finance world, you understand the importance of signing and sealing documents according to the standard. However, getting your documents signed or delivered per necessity may be daunting for the average corporate finance team.

Completing these notarisation-related tasks can be even more challenging if a corporate finance team has to search for mobile notary services using their own time and resources.

The good news is there’s a solution for the time-consuming nature of properly notarising a document. A mobile notary can ease the process, travel on-site, and verify high-profile documents. That’s super convenient under normal circumstances, but even more critical during times like this when people are working remotely during a pandemic or quarantine.

For those corporate finance teams debating the importance of a mobile notary, here’s an outline of how a mobile notary can serve you and save the day in the face of unexpected time crunches. When you’re ready to find a notary near you, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you partner with a reputable, reliable company that guarantees client satisfaction.

What is a mobile notary?

A mobile notary is a notary public who travels from one location to another to notarise signatures. Not only do mobile notaries adhere to typical business hours, but most of them can also work on weekends and after hours. Because a mobile notary can accommodate any working schedule, their on-site services can save a corporate finance team a significant amount of time and money. No longer are the days of lagging notary services.

While most people view recruiting a mobile notary as a difficult task, the truth is the process is quite simple. Multiple agencies can connect corporate executives to notaries.

How do mobile notary services work?

Typically, mobile notaries work with clients’ schedules. Because a mobile notary travels anywhere, you won’t be limited to notaries in your local area. No matter where your locations are based, a mobile notary will come right to your doorstep.

Notary service fees are usually standardised. However, the costs can vary based on your location. A mobile notary can charge additional costs depending on your state of residence.

Because a mobile notary travels anywhere, you won’t be limited to notaries in your local area.

Benefits of using a mobile notary

Using a mobile notary can benefit your financial business in several ways, including the following.

Efficient transactions

When you’re working in the finance industry, you know that efficiency is the key to success. Traveling from one location to another can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you need to travel long distances. Instead of spending your precious time traveling or waiting in traffic, you can hire a mobile notary. Because notarisation is their full-time job, they can quickly travel to your preferred location to notarise your financial documents with ease.

A major incentive of a mobile notary is their flexible schedule. They can notarise your documents at any time of the day, including during regular business hours, after normal business hours, and during weekends.


Many notaries offer flexible scheduling and provide comprehensive notary services with no order restrictions—meaning you have the freedom to choose the kind of services you need and the time you need it. It also ensures that a corporate finance team can access additional assistance during their busy days, and avoid paying for unnecessary services during slower days. Such flexibility makes mobile notary services the best option, as they save you money and keep your business running efficiently. Most importantly, it keeps clients satisfied.

No location limitations

Many mobile notaries travel throughout the country. They will come to any given location: whether you are at home, your place of business, vacation home, office, or any other place you find comfortable. Time restrictions don’t limit these mobile notaries, so these trained professionals can make on-site visits anytime, anywhere, depending on your schedule.

Reasonable costs

The cost of mobile notary services varies greatly depending on state laws. Each state has standardised fees that indicate what professionals can charge for their notary services. Mileage and travel expenses determine the overall cost. Regardless of the additional expenses a mobile notary service charges, the bottom line is that mobile notaries are cost-effective considering the energy and time you save.

Accuracy and efficiency

Mobile notaries are trained professionals who provide accurate and efficient financial services. Besides notarising high-profile documents, these professionals also provide client support and conduct follow-ups. By shaving off time spent worrying about the safety of your documents, you direct this energy towards your day-to-day operations. Without distractions, you’re free to tend to crucial responsibilities and ensure your customers’ needs are addressed.

Final thoughts

Thriving in the corporate finance world requires a commitment to the most minute details— which is why your corporate finance team must choose the right mobile notary for your business.

There are several reputable and reliable mobile notary agencies to choose between. Devote the time necessary to locate the most accredited agencies nearest your location. In your search, consider factors such as qualifications, reliability, credibility, costs, and flexibility to get the most out of your mobile notary services.

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