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Tips on How to Become Eligible for All Types of Loans

There is no absolute technique to get your loan application approved right away, but there are pointers that you can practice in order to become eligible for all types of loans.

Posted: 30th November 2020 by
Finance Monthly
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However, before signing up for a personal loan, you have to know its categories first and assess which one would best suit your financial needs.

Secured Personal Loans

If you have financial assets like stocks, bank deposits, mutual funds, and cash, you can certainly sign up for a secured personal loan right now. Moreover, tangible physical assets such as properties and expensive commodities can make you eligible for personal loans.

The assets mentioned above will function as collateral that will qualify you for the loan amount according to your financial capability. These will often serve as the alternative payment to the financial institution if you fail to settle your debt on the agreed loan term.

High-priced collateral would grant you a favourable loan amount. Since collateral is at stake, a secured personal loan will most likely be claiming fewer risks. Therefore, this will be quite fair for borrowers with low credit scores.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Apparently, this one is the total opposite of a secured personal loan. One example is the pre-approved personal loans, where creditors would look to see if the borrower’s credit is worthy, instead of requiring the financial assets as collateral. The credit rating will serve as the grounds if the application is approved or declined.

This type of loan poses a higher risk for the lenders. Secured personal loans allow lenders to take over the collateral if the borrower has neglected the loan terms that were agreed upon during the application period. In unsecured personal loans, lenders would only bank on the borrower's word and the credit scores they boast so much about.

This type of loan poses a higher risk for the lenders.

Fixed-Rate Loans

If you want a stable interest rate over the agreed payment term, a fixed-rate loan is the best option you can go for. If you’re on monthly repayments, you’ll never suffer from fluctuations in the interest rate every month. If you do it this way, then you can sustain consistent financial control since you’ll be allocating the same monthly payment amount for your personal loan.

Variable-Rate Loans

In this type of personal loan, your economic circumstances would determine your personal loan’s interest rate. For this reason, you aren’t entitled to the power to manage your finances as the interest rate fluctuates every month, depending on the market interest rates.

Unlike fixed-rate loans, the high risk is now charged to you. However, most variable-rate loans offer low-interest rates at the beginning of the payment term. The interest rate would change gradually as the term progresses.

How to Become Eligible for Every Loan

Here’s what you should do to become eligible for different types of loan:

Settle Your Current Loans Before Applying for Another

An existing loan doesn’t directly turn down your application for another lender. However, lenders would prefer potential borrowers with a clean credit history upon application. If you have signed in with multiple lenders, then you should consider reconciling all of these debts before applying for another.

A borrower with ongoing financial obligations will raise the risk for both the lender and the borrower. On the lender’s part, the assurance that the borrower could still put up with another loan is disputable. Of course, for the borrower, conflicts of interest could emerge amongst multiple lenders that they signed in with.


Apply for a Fair Loan Amount

The lenders will definitely rely on your credit history. Therefore, you should secure a copy of your credit record before your loan application. You should assess and verify the figures in your credit history so that you’ll still have time to correct any errors that you see.

The loan amount will be heavily based on your financial capacity. If you think you have a clean credit score, then you can expect an agreeable loan amount. However, if you have a stained credit history, you should assume a lower loan grant.

Maintain a Good Credit Score

To sustain an outstanding credit score, you should be prompt when the time comes to pay your bills and other financial obligations. All of your financial transactions will be registered in credit bureaus.

Your payment history can tell whether you’re creditworthy or not. Hence, being branded as a delinquent payer would hinder you from applying for another loan in the future. Whether or not you plan to get a personal loan, building a good credit score must be taken seriously.

Choose the Right Lender

You should look into the rates offered by your prospective lenders. Comparing the proposals from multiple lenders could help you decide on where to apply. The loan document should be appraised. As a borrower, it is your responsibility to figure out whether a lender is legitimate or not.

Get the Requested Documents Ready

The lender would need the borrower to supply proof of identification, address proof, and bank statements issued by a valid financial institution. You have to prep all of the documents so that the lender will have a positive initial impression of you. You have to begin by presenting yourself as an accountable person.


Personal loans aren’t only about picking a lender and accepting the loan. There’s a lot of preparation on your part so that your loan will be approved. Hence, you need to have a good credit score sufficient to secure a personal loan without a hitch.

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