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The Bitcoin Phenomenon on the Gaming Market

As an industry constantly adapting to new technology, it was inevitable that gaming would eventually intersect with cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Posted: 6th April 2021 by Finance Monthly
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Video games have been popular for years, which means they will continue to grow in the future. The industry's ability to adapt to the trends is what guarantees this. As a result of this ability, gamers all over the world have purchased all kinds of games and upgrades to their gaming devices.

In other words, the gaming industry is a sucker for new trends. It makes sure to incorporate them and satisfy its customers. Bitcoin is one of the current trends nowadays and it has already found a place in the industry. It’s a viable payment method for some gaming sites and it has already inspired game developers with its blockchain technology.

It is because of that that we have a few Bitcoin titles that anyone can play. They come in various shapes and sizes which means that they are in different genres. Moreover, it gives players a fresh taste of familiar types of games and brings then a new kind of game – the crypto game on the gaming market. So, if you’re looking to give these games a try, here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

This is a Bitcoin trading app that newbie traders will find quite useful. It has a virtual currency that you can use to start trading with. Also, the other players will serve as your competition. Additionally, you’ll have tools to research the market with.

You’ll have plenty of practice with Bitcoin Hero and the best part is that all the assets have real-time prices. Also, you can make as many mistakes as you’d like because you won’t feel the consequences. Naturally, there’s another path you can take if you think you can’t handle the risk of trading Bitcoin. You won’t have to make any important decisions and you’ll just reap the profits.

Video games have been popular for years, which means they will continue to grow in the future. The industry's ability to adapt to the trends is what guarantees this.

The trading platforms represent this option. These platforms make use of advanced algorithms to make the important decisions for you. In other words, they do the heavy lifting and leave none of the hard work for you. Among the many platforms, you’ll come across the Bitcoin Sites. To use them you’ll need to make an account and deposit the minimum amount. Then you’ll need to go over the tutorials and then a demo lesson. Once you’re familiar with the settings then you can try the platform out with a live session. Afterward, you can adapt the settings as much as you like.


Unlike the previous entry, this isn’t an educational title. Splinterlands is a Bitcoin trading card game that lets you build your deck while defeating various opponents. You have cards from all kinds of factions and earn them as you beat your opponents.

Naturally, you can use Bitcoin to buy new cards and other collectibles to strengthen your deck and improve your chances in the game. In other words, Splinterlands isn’t just a game you can play in your free time, it’s a great way to challenge your decision-making skills.

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is a title that features the ever-popular Bitcoin symbol. It comes in several colors and your job is to match as many of them as you can. You’ll get points for your efforts and the more effort you put in the more points you’ll get.

Also, the prizes are another reasons to play this game. That’s because they’re made up of actual Bitcoin. So, you won’t be just enjoying Bitcoin Blast but you could play it so you could earn some. Similar to the previous entry on this list, Bitcoin Blast is a challenge that can help you win interesting prizes.


Merge Cats

Merge Cats is a simple title and a simple goal expressed in the title. In other words, you get plenty of cats and you’ll need to match them to get ahead in the game. The more effort you put in the more rewards you’ll get. The game comes with its daily challenges that you can take part in. If you, then you’ll need to complete them to reap the rewards which are in Bitcoin.


The revenue of the industry shows you just much the industry has grown throughout the years. Thanks to the adaptability to trends gaming is going to grow in revenue and Bitcoin will have an important role in the industry in the years to come.

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