Employees Believe Metaverse Will Make Hybrid Working More Effective, Survey Finds

Facebook’s late-October announcement that it would be changing its name to Meta as it shifts its focus toward virtual reality has seen the buzz around the metaverse — a virtual reality where people can work, socialise, and play games — rocket in recent weeks.

Some employees are now saying they want their bosses to embrace the metaverse to enable more effective hybrid working, a survey suggests. 

US technology company Owl Labs recently surveyed 2,000 people in the UK, finding that 52% of participants backed the call for more virtual technologies to be used to support hybrid working.  

Just over a third of participants said they believed an “office metaverse” would help reduce bias in favour of those who regularly attend the office. Meanwhile, almost two thirds (65%) of participants said they felt that an “office metaverse” would boost flexibility within their organisation. 

With hybrid work firmly cemented in our work culture, the need for technology that makes the remote working environment more immersive has never been more important,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs.

Through our own experience, we already know how innovative technology can create an environment where everyone feels like they’re in the same room regardless of location. As hybrid work can present potential challenges around presentism and a divide between the in person and remote workforce, immersive technology – like the Meeting Owl, AR and now the metaverse – can be effective tools to boost inclusion and create a more united workforce.”

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