At the same time, nothing stops you from retraining and pursuing a career in an industry that is beginning to take off. Emerging industries have always been a thing, and the new industries are often popular with existing and budding entrepreneurs alike.

Knowing what these industries are is the critical first step, and that is where we come into the picture. Below, you will find a list of some emerging industries that have dominated the business scene for the past few years and which look set to remain. 

Regardless of what industry you are looking to move from or into, read on to discover more about these industries, as well as a bit about what you can do to be successful in your upcoming career switch. 

What Is An Emerging Industry?

Before getting into the swing of things, let’s take it back to basics. For those who are unsure, Investopedia defines an emerging industry as when a product or idea is in the early stages of development, and numerous companies focus themselves on this idea. Generally speaking, this happens when a new form of technology is discovered or created, replacing an older counterpart. 

As you might have grasped following from this definition, there have been numerous emerging industries throughout the last few decades, running alongside the numerous technological advancements that we have seen. These include the following industries: 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is something that is becoming all the more commonplace but is a phenomenon that is still confusing a lot of people. The technology that is used for this emerging industry is continuing to develop and grow and is being used more in our day-to-day lives than ever before. While some might find this form of technology problematic, it has proven to be incredibly helpful to numerous industries. 

Various industries and businesses use this emerging technology; it is even used by some government departments here in the United States. There are numerous jobs available in this emerging industry, and they can be attained by learning the associated skills that often link closely with computer science as a field. 

2. Fintech

The running theme throughout this piece will be that most emerging industries relate to the likes of technology in some way or another. Fintech, also known as Financial Technology, is the process of competing with or replacing more traditional methods of delivering financial services with a form of technology. Much like other forms of technology, this is something that is continuing to grow and develop while also revolutionising the ways that we complete tasks. As a result, there is always something new to learn about this emerging industry. 

Fintech courses online allow interested parties to learn more about this form of technology while retaining their existing skills in the hope of moving into this as a career. Completing this fintech course from Harvard University Online in your own time ensures that you can make the switch into the industry at your own pace and when the timing is suitable for you. Financial services will always be required; there is no doubt this is an industry and form of technology that is here to stay. 

3. Renewable Energy

This is a term that we feel many people reading this and beyond are familiar with, for it is something we have grown accustomed to throughout recent decades. There has been a significant focus on renewable energy throughout the years, with this idea gaining more traction since the United States rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement

Clean energy is important to many people, not just those who are eco-conscious. The renewable energy industry is set to grow exponentially in the coming year, with analysis experts estimating that the growth could pose a threat to the traditional use of coal. 

Expanding into an industry like this is a lot easier than most people realise. Beginning your career change by volunteering in the sector to develop your passion is the best place to start. From here, you can learn more about the processes and establish whether there are more specific skills that you need to learn and develop before applying for a role. 

It goes without saying, but emerging industries provide a multitude of career and growth opportunities. Understanding what the first steps are and moving forward from there is sure to ensure you land a career you are happy with. No matter which emerging industry has caught your eye, go forth knowing you are making the right moves and will be working with the latest technologies in no time.