You want to get on the property ladder but don’t know where to start? You aren’t alone, thousands of people in the UK struggle to make the leap due to rising prices.

When you decide you want to buy a house have a good credit card score is important with little to no debt. If you do have credit card debt it would be best to start paying that off now.

The Deposit

The deposit is the money you will pay upfront towards the total cost of the house, this does not come from your Mortgage loan.

The minimum deposit you will have to pay is 5% of the total price of the property which could be offered from banks such as Natwest. This means if the property was valued at £300,000 then you would have to pay £15,000 for the deposit. This is the amount you have to save yourself, without the help of a loan.

However, 5% deposits are not always available and 10% or more is more common. Even though this means you will have to save more, you will often be paying lower interest rates and so in the long-term paying less on your loan.

The bigger deposit you pay the smaller the loan you will have to pay back which cold reduce financial pressure.

Paying a 10% deposit on a property worth £300,000 means you should save £30,000 before you can buy.


Saving for a house can be stressful and long-winded, you can take the first step today by following these steps.