A big move is expensive and everything you need will add up very quickly so it is vital you have started saving before you begin.

You should try to save up to 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses so you can afford the move and to settle in. You will need enough to cover all the initial costs such as insurance, a car, finding your new living space and more.

For example the estimated living costs for Melbourne, is $2500 a month.

If you have your visa ready and are getting prepared for the move there are some ways you can keep the costs down.

6 hacks to use to keep the cost of moving to a minimum.


  • Sell your belongings before you move

In the months leading up to your move you should gradually begin selling your belongings, furniture, kitchen ware and anything else you don’t need. You will be able to buy these things when you move and this will save you time and money in the long run as the shipping costs will be large.

  • Open a bank account before you move

You are able to start the process to open a bank account in Australia before you get there, meaning once there you only have to go in the bank branch with proof of your documents and then you easily have a new bank account. This will save you on transaction fees and you will be able to easily spend money in your new home. Without an Australian bank account you will be charged fees when you withdraw or spend any money.

  • Think about the timing

Often the prices of moving as well as rent prices will fluctuate throughout the year, this could be because in September, students are moving and this raises the prices. You should research what your new city is like as this could impact the time of year that is best to move.

  • Don’t take your car with you

Not only are the shipping costs to get your car to Australia expensive there are also hefty import taxes you are required to pay. For any move abroad you will be better off selling your car or vehicle in the UK before you move and finding a new one once you are settled.

  • Invest in proper travel insurance before you start the journey

Travel insurance is a vital part on your check list and will protect you from a large cost in case of emergencies. Don’t skip on travel insurance as there are many reasons you should invest.

  • Start the house hunt early

When moving to Australia you should definitely be searching for your new home as early as you can as there are so many others who are looking for property too. If you find a place to stay quickly you will be able to cut down on the costs of staying in a hotel during the search. This will also help you find somewhere to live for a decent price.

Rent prices in Australia have been rising and currently the average price of renting in Sydney is $750 per week and in Melbourne it is around $550 per week.