When going away on a trip there are a lot of aspects to think about and organise. Travel insurance should go on this list to make sure you are covered whilst you are away.

Whether you are going on a one-off holiday or jetting off as a traveller then insurance can cover you whilst you make memories. It is better to be covered than get yourself into a situation you can’t handle.

What does travel insurance cover?

  • Most travel insurance policies will cover you for medical expenses whilst on your trip. If you unexpectedly need to go to the hospital, need an ambulance or become sick this will pay for any necessary treatment. You may have to pay the amount upfront and then claim it back from your policy holder. If you have any pre-existing condition you may be expected to pay more for your insurance.
  • Cancellations or delays, your policy should cover the amount you lost out on due to an unforeseen circumstance meaning you had to cancel your trip or come home earlier than planned. Read your policy to see what circumstance they allow.
  • Baggage cover, this means if the airline loses your luggage or it gets stolen from your accommodation you can claim back the cost of it’s contents. You could also claim if your luggage was misplaced by the airline and had a delay in getting to you, if you had to make any purchases due to this delay they could essentially pay you back for these.
  • Some policies will cover you for Personal Liability supporting you if you cause damage to property or to another person, depending on the situation. If you engage in dangerous activities this may not hold up. They will help you navigate the foreign legal system and cover the cost of your defence. Crimes committed under wilful negligence will not be covered.

How to Pick a policy

When picking a travel insurance policy there are certain aspects you need to check for. First of all it is important to compare the deals on site such as compare the meerkat to maje sure you are getting the best one.

  • The type of cover you need
  • Excess (How much you will need to pay before they cover you)
  • Cost
  • Amount of medical coverage and any terms and conditions to this
  • Any exclusion e.g. for any dangerous/adventurous activities

The three types of travel insurance

  • Single-trip cover: This will cover you for the length of one trip in one location. There will be a time limit so you will have to extend the policy if you extend your trip.
  • Long-stay: This will be helpful if you are going on a longer trip around the world, if you are going on a gap year, or a cruise this is a great option as this type often lasts up to 18 months
  • Annual multi-trip cover: This is a 12 month cover for multiple trips you have planned throughout the year. If you are a frequent traveller and know you will be going to various places throughout the year then this will be the perfect option for you.

Policy holders

These are just some of the popular policy holders you can choose for your travel insurance needs.

  • Admiral
  • AllClear
  • M&S
  • AA
  • Tesco