A collection of 5 small hillside towns in Italy boasting colourful, picturesque views on the coast, one of the most idyllic places in Italy and one that you should add to your list to visit.

Make sure to get travel insurance before your summer trip to ensure security and peace of mind.

The towns that make up Cinque Terre are...

Riomaggiore – The largest of the 5 and the first one you will reach by train from the City of La Spezia.

Manarola – A quiet and relaxed town with a population of only around 350 people.

Corniglia – This is the highest town and to reach it you will have to climb 365 steps which often puts people off however the height gives a spectacular view.

Vernazza – A fishing town where you will find great seafood and just one quaint street to find food and souvenirs. Pictures of Vernazza have drawn popularity to the area.

Monterosso – Surrounded by vineyards and home to the largest and only sandy beach in Cinque Terre, Monterosso Al Mare. Definitely worth a stop on your hike to cool off in the water.vernazza marina in cinque terre, ligurian italy


Hiking to see them

There is a hillside hike which connects all 5 towns if you are up for a beautiful but at parts, challenging day. The hike will take you roughly 6 hours to get between them all with views of the lapping waves and the colourful towns along your way.


a hiker enjoys the beautiful walk on the sentiero azzurro hiking trail

Be aware that parts of the route could be closed off due to rock slides so check before you set off as you may have to re route or catch the train instead.

You will have to purchase the Cinque Terre card for access to the trail and you can purchase this at ticket boxes when you start the trail.


Or catch the train

The train service between the town will always be running and each trip will be quick and low cost to see each town.

manarola, cinque terre train station in famous village with colorful houses on cliff over sea in cinque terre

If you purchase the Cinque Terre Treno Card you will be able to have a day or two day train pass to get between all of them.


Where to stay

You can stay in any of the five town, many choosing Riomaggiore as there base as this is the largest town of the 5 with more options.

Otherwise, La Spezia is a small City just South of Cinque Terre where you can often find cheaper places to stay and the train station there will get you to any of the towns you like.

In each town you will find markets and grocery stores with fresh fruit and bread if you are on a budget or find a Focacceria for warm focaccia bread which you can add deli meat to for the perfect budget meal.

There are plenty of this to do and see for free, the hiking pass is only a few Euros and visiting each town with a picnic can a great way to see it all.

Don’t forget to enjoy the gelato in each town too!


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