Rishi Sunak has announced the election will be held on the 4th July.

After 14 years of conservative rule, they are now behind in the polls and on July 5th the country could have a new Prime Minister. Manifestos are expected to come in June.

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Campaigns begin

Campaigning has already began with Rishi Sunak starting his tour of the country in the next two days. Sunak has already relayed that flights to Rwanda will not take place until after Rwanda, is this a ploy to keep the potential success or failures of the plan until after the election?

Keir Starmer, Labour leader is heading to the Southeast of England. He has began in Kent telling voters 'it's time for a change.'

Richard Tice, the Reform leader is staging a press conference to set out his party's plans. Nigel Farage has stated his plans to skip standing in the general election this year.

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat leader is set to focus on targeting conservative held seats after by-election successes.


Updates to come!