If you think you should be paid more for your job then there is no harm in asking the question, but make sure you are prepared and you know how to address the topic with your boss.


How to know if you should ask for a raise?

  • You have taken on more responsibilities and achieved with them.
  • Your job role is vastly different to what you applied for.
  • You have recently been doing well e.g. meeting or exceeding targets and your manager is pleased with you.
  • You have not had a pay rise within the last 12 months already.
  • Your salary does not match the role you are doing in the area.
  • Your salary does not match that of those working in your department.
  • You have worked there for over a year already.


What you should plan

  • Research what your salary is in other companies in your area so you are aware of what you could potentially be earning.
  • Plan what your argument is as of why you have earned a raise.
  • Have a figure in mind in case your manager asks you.


Be prepared for...

  • Your manager to take time before they say yes. Your manager may need to review your request with the business and finances before they agree, you could plan to check in with them two weeks later if they don’t come back to you.
  • Your manager could say no, if they do, take this as an opportunity to ask what you should be doing to earn a raise, then you will know if this is an option within this company.