Deloitte & Thomson Reuters to Address Tax Compliance and Regulation Together

Deloitte recently announced its alliance with Thomson Reuters to combine Thomson Reuters’ global tax technology and intelligence with Deloitte’s direct and indirect tax services to help companies address dynamic tax regulatory and compliance challenges.

“Technology is the centerpiece of the transformation taking place at many tax departments today,” said Steve Kimble, chairman and CEO, Deloitte Tax LLP. “The emergence of new technologies allows tax departments to more effectively make use of data to develop insights for their businesses. Our alliance with Thomson Reuters will strengthen the link between tax and the broader organization, allowing the tax function to make an even greater strategic contribution to the business.”

The ONESOURCE corporate tax technology platform is a critical component of the tax ecosystem, enabling tax compliance and reporting in 180 countries. Deloitte’s integration of this market-leading technology platform with its tax consultancy insights will provide businesses with solutions to enhance their specific tax lifecycles. Enhancement areas include global compliance, reporting and risk management for corporate taxes, sales tax and other indirect taxes.

“In today’s complex regulatory environment, tax technology enables businesses to simplify their tax processes, drive down operating costs, while simultaneously ensuring accurate and transparent global tax compliance,” said Joe Harpaz, SVP and managing director, corporate segment for the tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters. “We have joined Deloitte’s alliance program to bring to market joint solutions that leverage our ONESOURCE global tax technology and applications with Deloitte’s tax services to help businesses meet the current and pending challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations.”

The alliance expands a longstanding relationship between Thomson Reuters and Deloitte. Deloitte is part of the Tax & Accounting Certified Implementer Program at Thomson Reuters, a training and support service for leading accounting and consulting organizations to provide implementation assistance for Thomson Reuters software products. Deloitte is certified in all of the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE tax solutions.

Deloitte professionals have also won Thomson Reuters’ annual “Taxologist of the Year – Certified Implementer” award the past two years for being the top certified implementer. Deloitte’s clients have also won other categories of the Taxologist Awards through their demonstrated ability to increase tax department effectiveness using ONESOURCE.

(Source: Deloitte)

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