The 10 Best Films About Finance

Take a look at our Top 10 Films about Finance, from Wall Street to Trading Places.

From Oliver Stone’s epic Wall Street to the hilarious Trading Places and recent Scorcese hit The Wolf of Wall Street, the topic of finance has inspired many a classic film. It’s no surprise when you ponder on the varied world existing within finance, which takes in everything from making ends meet to making personal millions.

Consider the colourful characters often found within these situations and you’ve got a blueprint for classic drama. Think Gordon Gekko. Think Patrick Bateman. Think of Enron’s story and it’s hard remember where fiction ends and fact begins.

Find the 10 Best Films about Finance below. We’ve also analysed the books to discover how well each film did at the box office, compared to their monetary budget. In the film world of finance, alongside tales of highs, lows and even humour, there’s definitely some money to be made!

Infographic by ABC Finance

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