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    I need information on how to find UK estate agents that assure best value estate agent services, and can take care of my paperwork properly.

    ALSO, what do I need to think of in terms of timing, like, how do I get to the punch before everyone else?


    Hi Brad, you can likely pay your way for an estate agent to find the perfect property, but in the long run, you’ll save much more money, be far more satisfied, and get the find sorted in lesser time if you do it yourself.

    For residential property you will need to find a property, view it, maybe several times, and if satisfied put an offer in; you have nothing to lose by putting an offer in and are not obliged to pay up that sum at any point if you decide you no longer want that property.

    After you’ve sorted a mortgage lender, you can coordinate with any local solicitors who will do all the right searches and paperwork on your behalf. You may also want to instruct a surveyor to do a building survey. This may come to anywhere between £500 – £1500 in fees.

    After this it’s best if you deal directly with the estate agents in negotiating the offer on the back of a survey valuation (it will save you time and money), and at this point you’re not far off a completed deal and the keys to your property.

    Any questions, just ask.
    James C.

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