House prices are falling and many believe they will continue on this path through 2024.

This sounds like good news, however for those selling their properties, this means they are having to reduce their asking price. Also, with high and rising mortgage rates, many people still can’t afford to buy.

Predictions for the Property market 2024

  • Rightmove anticipates a modest 1% fall in house prices by the end of 2024.
  • Zoopla is estimating that house prices will fall by just 2% this year
  • Estate agent Savills predicts that UK property prices will fall by 3% in 2024, before recovering in 2025 and rising by 3.5%
  • Lloyds Bank has forecast a further 2.4% decrease in house prices over 2024. It expects prices to then recover slightly in 2025
  • Global property consultancy Knight Frank expects house prices to rise by 3% this year, rather than a fall 4% as it previously forecast

Despite house prices falling they are still far above the rates of pre-pandemic house prices due to inflation and high mortgage rates. People can no longer afford to borrow the money necessary to buy a house meaning fewer houses are being bought. Even if people have saved for a deposit paying back the mortgage loan creates a heavy financial burden.

The Bank of England has held the base rate at 5.25% and as a result the average mortgage rates have shot up.

Why have House Prices fallen?

With mortgage rates rising, less people are able to afford to take out the loan, pay the deposit and it is harder to prove you can afford the high rates.

This means buyer demand has decreased across the property market forcing those selling property to keep the prices low.

Where have prices fallen the most?

Zoopla has found that areas in Essex, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk have seen the greatest price decreases.

Colchester in Essex has seen a 3.7% decrease with the average house price at £303,500.

Even in popular cities house prices are slowly falling such as, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Rightmove found that houses in Greater Manchester have an overall average price of £253,806 with most sales being for semi-detached houses with a 1% fall in average prices in this area.

Property Investors hunting for deals

The Financial times reports that commercial property investors are on the prowl for cheap deals as rising interest rates force many to sell their property in an inability to refinance. Many are having to sell this year and are forced to keep the asking prices low to match the demand, this means investors could very well find a great deal this year.

When Mortgage rates begin to decline, the hope is that more buyers will flock to the property market as more people will be able to afford the loans.

Should you buy now?

Buying a house when the prices are falling would give you a great chance for a better return in a  few years when the house prices rise once again meaning you could make a bigger profit when you sell.

In areas listed above, the house prices are falling significantly allowing you to find a great deal on your home in these locations.

As well as areas with falling prices, Move IQ has comprised a list of areas where house prices are the cheapest including Bradford (BD1) being the lowest with an average house selling for £69,939 in 2023.

If you can match the costs of mortgage rates and afford the deposit then this year could be yours to take the first step onto the property ladder at a lower cost.