We have recently seen lenders hike up the prices for mortgage funds causing millions of people a much higher rate on their mortgage bills with some at a staggering 7%.

The BBC informs us that banks such as HSBC, NatWest and Virgin Money are all increasing the cost of new deals.

Why are mortgage interest rates rising?

Interest rates continually change to help control inflation and ease the cost-of-living crisis.

The Bank of England sets the base rate, currently at 5.25% which is what it costs lenders to borrow the money to then lend out to customers.

If inflation is going up then interest rates will often follow to try and dissuade people from spending and lowering the demand.

Does this affect you?

If your mortgage term is set to expire this year then the higher rates could affect you when you remortgage. An estimated 1.6 million deals will expire in 2024, according to Banking Trade Body UK Finance and these will be affected by the change in interest rates.

Those on a fixed rate mortgage will not be affected as the rate was agreed at the beginning of the term and remains the same throughout.

If you are on a Tracker or standard variable mortgage then your monthly payments could rise substantially.

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