With only a few days to go until the 2024 UK Election held on Thursday 4th July we take a look into the polls which aim to keep track of how the public plans to vote on the day.

The BBC polls show that Labour are distinctly ahead of the other parties with predictions placing Conservative 100 seats behind this year.

From 14 years of a Conservative government the UK could be ready for a change this year and the polls are showing it. Voting is open until 10pm at your local voting stations, if you are registered to vote you will have a voting card to tell you where to go, if not you should be able to search for your local voting station.

Each vote from each constituency matter, these are all counted and an MP from each party will sit in the House of Commons to represent a majority vote from a constituency. The party with the most MP representative in the House of Commons will form the next government.

The manifestos have all been published for the public to review their policies and decide which one serves best. Reading the policies rather than focusing on the personality of each candidate to make an informed decision this election can help you change the government and enable change that you want to see.


Policy Overview

Your vote matters for your own financial needs and the UK economy.

If you are looking to buy a house this year, you might be looking at party polices such as the Conservative policy of making the stamp duty threshold of £425,000 permanent stated in their manifesto. In the final days of their campaign, Rishi Sunak repeats his promises and fights off the other parties, refusing to admit that Reform party are a true opposition to Conservative or even the Labour party.

If you are a teacher or have children of school age then it might be important to you to hear that Labour intend to end tax exemptions for private school and will start to charge them VAT. This will increase fees at private schools for their plan to increase funding into state school including mental health professionals in each school. Keir Starmer continues campaigning this week reeling off his argument that if you want change you have to vote for it.

With various promises focusing on improving the NHS from all the parties including Liberal Democrats declaring their pledge to increase funding by £9.4 billion. This is the largest funding promise of any of the parties and some say they are aiming too high for real action to be done here.

The political parties are aiming to appease as many people as possible this year with the cost of living increase being a large factor in voters decisions. The Green Party also promise to be focused on bringing down costs, they pledge to do this through increase national insurance for the top earners where Labour have stated they will not be raising national insurance.