• US technology giant Apple has broken records once again, this time posting the biggest every quarterly profit of any public company worldwide. The company posted quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion...
  • Investors can expect “Greek-led volatility” for six months according global independent financial advisory organisations. Greece elected anti-austerity party Syriza in its general election at the weekend. Syriza has formed a...
  • Further change is on the cards for Europe, following the win by the Syriza party in the Greek national elections. The left-wing party has always pledged to end the country’s...
  • Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called for urgent fiscal reform in Europe at a special session at yesterday’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Whatever the decision of the European Central Bank...
  • Europe needs quantitative easing but that monetary policy alone will not restore growth and jobs to the region, that’s according to a panel debate of business leaders and policy-makers, held...

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2015: What to watch

headshot_JeremyJeremy Mugridge, Marketing Director at Instinct Studios, presents his top five financial predictions for 2015

When it comes to embracing digital and technology, financial services has been way behind the curve in comparison to other industries such as retail, travel and telecoms. The good news is that we’re seeing a few green shoots of innovation beginning to emerge. We believe 2015 is going to be an exciting year for financial services and this is why:

1. The Bitcoin fund revolution

Bitcoin became one of the key buzzwords for 2014 with many people wanting to do business in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. As it becomes more widely used and accepted by online retailers, and with the increasing prospect of regulation as the FCA watches over, Bitcoin could go mainstream.

2. Investing in better use of big data

Big data – yep, that old buzzword has been around for a few years and won’t be going away either! The real question we think will crop up next year will be ‘What do I do with this data?’ It’s all well and good telling people they walked an average of 6,000 steps a day…but then what?

Better use of big data will have significant implications for direct-to-consumer investment platforms. Platforms will use the investor’s profile to help them discover new investment ideas and hopefully make better decisions.

3. Connecting the financial Internet of Things

We’ve being hearing about the ‘Internet of Things’ for a while now, but as technology continues to advance at a mind boggling rate, we’re going to see the digital world becoming more and more connected during 2015. This will permeate into the finance sector enabling customers to interact with financial services brands in a much more fluid way.

4. The growth of financial automation

Home automation is only going to grow and already we’re seeing Dyson’s new robot vacuum cleaner and Apple’s HomeKit taking this technology forward. Phillips’ Hue light bulbs can already be programmed to change depending on the weather or what music you’re listening to, but this technology could easily be applied to financial services.

5. Wearable tech becomes mainstream

Wearables have been around for a while but we’re likely to see this gain momentum after the release of Apple Watch. 2015 will be the year where we’ll see a shift in focus from health and fitness towards other areas like peoples financial health.

Read the full feature in the January 2015 edition of Finance Monthly Magazine

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