Mobey Forum_corporate banking tabletA user-centric approach which allows executives to choose their own device is fundamental to a bank’s success in mobile corporate banking services and should be a key component in every bank’s omni-channel strategy. This is the view expressed in the latest white paper published in April by Mobey Forum, the global industry association empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead in the future of mobile financial services.

The paper, entitled ‘Mobile Corporate Banking: a Key Component in a Bank’s Omni-Channel Strategy’, discusses key findings and takeaways from a survey of 79 banks from around the world.

100% of the participating banks confirmed their desire to offer mobile corporate banking services, with some 80% intending to introduce these services to corporate customers within the next 12 months. Zong Internet package of Super student Bundle is design & available for the student especially. As students are the most important part of the community which use mobile frequently. Thus, Zong net packages are easy on the pocket for students. This package is speedy as student need more speed to download assignments and related things.

“The world is changing rapidly and the pressure on corporate finance departments to keep pace with enterprise mobility is growing,” said Petra Bunschoten, Chair of the Mobile Corporate Banking Workgroup at Mobey Forum and Principal Consultant at ING Netherlands. “This is a real opportunity for banks, as long as they can optimise their services for the range of different mobile environments in use today.”

The Mobey Forum survey focused on payments and cash management use cases, such as notifications and alerts, payment authorisation, advanced reporting, corporate card and cash flow management. Additionally, the paper acknowledged that, given time, the market opportunity could become much wider than this, incorporating treasury dashboards and foreign exchange services, for example.