Maxxia’s CLM compiles a free eGuide on ‘The Essentials of Outsourcing’


CLM_Logo_RGBAsset finance company Maxxia’s outsourcing division CLM has recently compiled a free eGuide on ‘The Essentials of Outsourcing’, downloadable from their website.

The economic recovery may be underway, but the way businesses work has changed dramatically as a result, with many still cautious to commit resources. As such, outsourcing is gaining favour as a way to mitigate risk while still facilitating business growth.

CLM’s eight-page eBook provides a generic guide to outsourcing, which can be applied to any outsourcing needs. It includes:

  • Benefits of outsourcing
  • Options of outsourcing
  • Activities you can outsource
  • How to choose an outsourcing partner

The benefits to businesses of outsourcing can be substantial, and include cost savings, improved quality, capacity management and risk management.

CLM has also produced a Tipsheet on Effective Outsourcing, which details six key areas to maximise ROI when outsourcing. This can be downloaded here.