Catella Bank issues SAS/MasterCard Eurobonus Travel Cash Card


Catella Bank is the issuer of the MasterCard Eurobonus Travel Cash prepaid card, being launched by SAS. The new, innovative card will be the first co-branded multi-currency prepaid card in the airline industry in Europe. It is a multiple purse card that enables you to hold multiple currencies on the card at the same time.

“This a prestige project for Catella, and we are very proud that they have chosen us as the issuer. Catella has exclusively been issuing cards for over 25 years, and this project leverages our expertise in issuing multiple currency cards,” says Tord Topsholm, Managing Director of Catella Bank.

The Eurobonus Travel Cash prepaid card by SAS has been launched in collaboration with MasterCard and Rêv Worldwide. This innovative card product provides SAS Eurobonus members with a single piece of plastic that incorporates a frequent flyer card along with a globally accepted payment card. The card supports up to 12 currencies, giving the cardholder the option to remotely load the card via a bank account in their home currency, and subsequently exchange currencies prior travelling, thus keeping control of exchange rates at all times. The new card will come with MasterCard’s latest Contactless MasterCard® technology, allowing small value transactions to be made by simply tapping the card on the terminal, which is convenient for travellers as it makes payments faster. Using the card is more secure than carrying cash, and maintains access to funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

“Catella is proud to be the issuer of the SAS Eurobonus prepaid card. Combining the frequent flyer card with a truly innovative, contactless and multi-currency payment card creates added value for the consumer and confirms Catella’s position in prepaid,” says Marc Becker, Head of Prepaid at Catella Bank.