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Synechron Digital Innovation Centre launches in London

Posted: 15th June 2016 by
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In an attempt to give companies the ability to experience how technology is transforming the financial world and how it can be deployed to solve critical business issues, an ultra-modern innovation centre has recently opened its doors  in central London.

Dedicated to next generation banking and finance, the state-of–the-art centre was launched by Synechron Inc. – a global consulting and technology innovator in the financial services industry, which has plans to open innovation centres in New York, Florida, Amsterdam and Pune over the next few months. The first innovation centre that the company launched was in Dubai in October 2015 and was the first of its kind internationally.

Through the combined innovation of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, block chain, natural language and biometrics, mobile, and touch and smart technologies, the brand new centre gives businesses the chance to fully immerse themselves in the plethora of new technology available.

The Synechron Digital Innovation Centres’ aim is to act as innovation hubs for individuals and businesses willing to invest in technology and particularly in digital transformation - solving critical business issues and scaling these investments to achieve greater future business success.

The Synechron’s centre will be fully-operational from May 25th 2016 and will offer a number of options: from a half day of brainstorming session for executive management, to a rapid prototyping challenge, or even just a one hour dedicated technology workshop. Some of the key technologies available to visitors include artificial intelligence, Amazon Echo (Alexa), new apps around block chain and tablets with new apps and gamification.

Faisal Husain, CEO of Synechron, said, “We envisioned and invested in building a space where our clients can come and touch the latest in the digital world, get inspired and learn about what trends and technologies are disrupting their customers’ banking experiences worldwide. We want to help our clients be at the very forefront of digital transformation to drive an entirely new concept of banking interaction and engagement.”


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