Auctionata and Paddle8 to merge companies


Auctionata and Paddle8 have joined forces to create the global leader in online art, collectibles and vintage luxury. The joint company will immediately become one of the top 10 auction houses worldwide outside of China and the fastest growing company in the sector. Paddle8 and Auctionata share a vision of being the destination of choice for the 21st century collector as well as art dealers. Auctionata has already established a presence in Europe as the leading German auction platform. In the US, Paddle8 is the largest online auction platform and has strong brand recognition as a marketplace for art and luxury collectibles. With joint sales above $150M and nearly 800,000 registered users, the united company will be a dominant player for art and luxury collectibles in the most important markets globally.

Together, Paddle8 and Auctionata will grow the underserved global mid-market in this space. While legacy brick-and-mortar auction houses dominate the high-end of the collectibles market, online secondary marketplaces at the opposite end of the spectrum cannot provide transparency and authentication. This leaves a gap where the middle market, for objects up to $500K, is vastly underserved. Both Paddle8 and Auctionata have independently pursued this market, and together they are poised to win and grow the sector.

IEG – Investment Banking Group, headquartered in Berlin, acted as exclusive financial advisor to the Auctionata management and advisory board during the merger, as well as the preceding financing rounds. The transaction was led by Stefan C. Heilmann (Managing Director) and Philipp Hartz (Senior Associate).