BIAL sells allergic immunotherapy business to Roxall


Portuguese pharmaceutical firm BIAL has agreed to sell its allergic immunotherapy business to German company Roxall. Known as BIAL Aristegui, the business is dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of anti-allergic vaccines and diagnostic tests.

The acquired operation includes commercial areas focussed on allergology in Spain, Portugal and Italy, which represented 7% of BIAL’s global turnover in 2016. Roxall will also acquire an R&D and industrial unit located in Bilbao, Spain, with around 100 employees.

Hamburg-based Roxall seeks to develop, produce and distribute products in the field of allergology, immunology and emergency medicine.

BIAL described the sale of its allergic immunotherapy business as enabling the company to concentrate its activity on developing new medicines for the central nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Chief executive António Portela commented: “BIAL is a pharmaceutical group with a strong commitment to innovation and this sale will allow a greater focus on our strategic objectives.”

The company also intends to strengthen its international expansion in Europe, with full commitment to neuroscience in its affiliates in Spain, Germany, the UK and Italy.

The company will continue to develop its epilepsy medicine Zebinix (eslicarbazepine acetate), launched globally in 2009, and Parkinson’s disease drug Ongentys (opicapone), which is being launched in Europe, as well as other cardiovascular and neurological projects.