Graham Parker is the CEO and Co-Founder of Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gravity is a cloud-based SaaS "real-time" b2b, Supply Chain Visibility & Execution Platform. This month Finance Monthly speaks to Graham about the company’s beginnings, growth period and vision for the next few years.


How did the idea about Gravity come about?

Gravity came about borne out of frustration and an obvious gap in the market. Logistics and Supply Chain Physical processes had and continue to evolve extensively; however, there was no one system giving a real-time view. The bigger the supply chain, the more bolt-on systems were required and ultimately - spreadsheet reporting. Many proclaim to do this and do that, but the reality was they simply didn't, and certainly not across the entire critical path. Darren Palfrey (Co-Founder and COO) and I decided to address the problem and this is how we started Gravity.


What have you managed to achieve with the company so far?

Gravity is now moving from a beta to full execution status with a number of successful POC's and fully deployed clients on board. We now have/are moving towards having contracts with some very large logistics providers, FMCG & CPG clients and Manufacturing companies, some of which are significant within their industry. We have an aggressive but achievable growth period, sustainable by the work we have put into building out a robust and scalable backend over the past three years. In essence, we are good to go, "concept to commerce" and the adoption rate is growing.


What are the key challenges that you’ve been faced with in the past 12 months? 

Managing people’s expectations and keeping true to our core values. For example, when you initially start, everyone wants a little something extra. The danger is that you try to please everybody, all of the time. The challenge is not that you won't build these elements, it's just keeping the development teams focused and build to scope. Being able to say ‘no, not at this point’, however this is or will be planned into the next phase of development. From start-up, through scaling into Beta and execution, you have to remain focused. We also have a very loyal and keen investor base, who have been very patient and supportive, however, we are mindful that the business needs to move forward in line with our forecasts and projections. To date, we have raised circa US$8.5m and have hit/excelled every milestone along the way, including our MRR projections.


What is your vision for Gravity? Where do you see the firm in 3 years? 

We intend to dominate the supply chain visibility space. We are a supply chain tech company providing "real-time" solutions for the supply chain industry built by supply chain users and industry experts. Gravity will push the boundaries and expectations for supply chain executives, the overall opportunity is endless and we will certainly evolve into for more than just the SCM visibility sector. We have a strong vision, growth plan and roadmap, plus a lot of future ideas will come from our clients as they evolve and use the platform.


Tell us a bit about your role within the company – what are your main responsibilities? 

I'm focusing primarily on growth, customer adoption and business partnerships/collaboration. I also lead the BOD's and represent the interests of our investor base. We are a lean but fast growing team, and individually we all kind of jump in and help out where required. What we are good at is airing ideas, opinions and suggestions relating to product or approach. Key to this is the people, so making sure there is a good balance and allowing them to be creative, at the end of the day it's all about execution, experience and usability so I ensure we remain focused on the team and the business.


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