10 Black Friday Scraps That Will Put You Off It Forever

LCD wide screen TV at 50% off? Don’t mind if I do. Except I’ll have to make my way through a throng of a thousand punters, get punched in my left eye half a dozen times, and likely trample a few elderly buyers on the way. Black Friday is year on year becoming more about the thrill than the financial savings. Masses of people line up for the best stores to open, and scramble in once the doors open, only to leave the weak behind.

According to official data collected this year by Quantcast, in the US alone in 2014, 23% of 133,700,000 Black Friday shoppers camped outside a store the night before, and in 2015, all in all the nation spent around $67,560,000,000 in store and $2,932,000,000 online, with an average accumulated spend of $403.35 per person. These stats go to prove why Black Friday is crucial for the economy, as around 30% of annual retail sales occur between this celebrated shopping spree and Christmas itself. This in turn means more staff are hired in the busy period; according to NRF statistics, between an estimated 640,000 and 690,000 workers in 2016.

As many take part in Black Friday’s magic race for deals, most are either behind the cashier’s desk, managing teams, counting the numbers, or on the other side of the retail coin, making the most of prices. To shed light of the kind of situations, violence and anarchy you can expect from Black Friday this year, taking place on the 24th November, Finance Monthly has put together 10 popular videos displaying the worst moments that have taken place on Black Friday over the past decade. Some of these may completely put you off the idea of taking part in this public event, while some will prepare you for what’s to come, if you’re still daring to make the most of it.

10. Black Friday Threats

Screaming profanities and ‘squaring up’ to one another, these two shoppers are consumed by the Black Friday fury as Asda’s security staff and various members of the public keep the two from ripping each other to shreds. The passion for justice is palpable as they stare at each other with shopper’s rage. “I’ll be outside mate!”

9. Black Friday Shopper Horde

Here we see hundreds of shopping mall dwellers longing for the shop’s shutters to rise, so they can engage in the Black Friday rush they’ve been waiting for all morning. As the shutters reach but an inch off the ground, fingers curl round the bottom, some people squirm under the rail, and heads start popping through the bottom. Before you can say Black Friday, the horde of shoppers are through the gap below the shutters and racing for a find. The shutters aren’t even half way up yet, but the rules are there to be broken, right?

8. Black Friday Staff Barricade

Just over eight members of staff form a barricade dam of stopping power as they proceed to open shop on this fine Black Friday morning in 2016. As the shutters are half a meter up the doors, look who comes crawling in, their first customer of the day, along with a whole other mass of shoppers ready to dig their claws in the best bargains. As the staff themselves are pushed out of the way, and fail in their mission to barricade until open, members of the public are infiltrating their way through the employees’ legs and getting on with their hunt. The staff are clearly scared and try to shut it back down, having to stomp it to the ground. One guy quite reasonably just lifts his hands in the air and says nah forget it, not today.

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