Carry-on Essentials for a Long Haul-Flight

There’s always something exciting about travelling to a new destination – regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure. A long-haul flight however can cast a shadow on that excitement – the thought of spending long hours breathing dry, recycled air, not moving enough or sitting in an uncomfortable position and eating unhealthy and bland […]

There’s always something exciting about travelling to a new destination – regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure. A long-haul flight however can cast a shadow on that excitement – the thought of spending long hours breathing dry, recycled air, not moving enough or sitting in an uncomfortable position and eating unhealthy and bland airplane food doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? However, the products and gadgets that you take on board a long-haul flight can make a massive difference to your flying experience. Here’s Finance Monthly’s list of essentials to pack for a long flight to make sure you arrive at your destination looking fresh and ready for an important meeting or a day of exploration.

Why limit yourself to a small bag when you can bring a carry-on on board? You’ll have enough room for all of the items that you want to have with you, including your laptop or tablet, a book, headphones and documents, without worrying about any space restrictions. Perfect for both men and women with its three colour palettes to choose from, Anthler’s Juno Metallic Cabin Suitcase is the answer to everyone’s luggage dreams – super light with four 360° rotation wheels and optimal interior function. The Polypropylene suitcase has a sleek and timeless design and comes with TSA-approved fixed combination to keep your valuables safe. Travel in style and purchase the entire Anthler Juno Metallic set, which also includes a medium and a large suitcases.

Passport Holder
Keeping your passport, credit cards and money in a safe place is absolutely vital when travelling and a passport holder is the perfect solution as it allows you to keep everything in one place. Coming in five different colours and including a transparent sleeve for an ID and additional credit card slots, Maxwell Scott’s classy Prato passport holder is the perfect travel accessory. Handmade in Italy using the finest full-grain local leather, the passport holder is designed to withstand many years of adventuring across the globe. For a more personal touch, you can have your initials embossed on the front page – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that!

Portable Battery Charger
As fun as watching a movie (or two) during a long-haul flight could be, being up in the air can also be a great time to catch up on emails and do some work on your tablet or phone. And considering the amount of electronic devices that we all tend to travel with in 2018, bringing a portable battery charger with you to the airport is compulsory. Revive a host of gadgets with the high-capacity Juice® Power Station which can restore two devices at once, providing over six charges for a smartphone after one single charge or one full charge for a tablet. With its compact and clean design, Juice® Power Station is not just a travel necessity, but an item worth carrying in your bag at all times.

Sleeping Mask
Sleeping on the plane, at the right time, is the one thing that could help you beat the dreaded jet lag, but not everyone finds it easy to drift off in an environment of screaming children and flight attendants passing by every ten minutes. Satosense’s 25mm pure mulberry silk eye masks, which also come with earplugs, promise to help you fall asleep easily. Satosense’s high-quality silk promotes a long, deep and relaxing sleep and promises to contribute to a healthy, natural glow. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for everything that your destination has to offer.

Wellbeing Kit
And if you require more than a sleeping mask and earplugs to relax and switch off your mind, Ayurveda Pura’s Calm Your Mind kit guarantees to do exactly what its name suggests. Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, the De-Stress Calming Tea, Magic Food Mix and skin toner were created to promote physical and mental wellbeing, based on the principles of Ayurveda – the 5000-year-old Indian holistic science of health. Each ingredient in all three products has been carefully chosen and expertly blended to balance the Vata (air and space) Dosha or Ayurvedic body type for the wellbeing of both your mind and body. Whether it’s when you’re travelling or in your everyday life, remember to find the time to de-stress and unwind after a long day. The Calm Your Mind kit is the perfect solution for busy people who need some help with this.

Health Shots
Let’s be frank, even when flying First or Business class, airplane food can be less than satisfactory. Reheated fried rice and a dry roll with butter doesn’t sound that nutritious and wholesome, does it? Airplanes are also plagued with bacteria and viruses and studies have shown that more than one in five people who travel on planes suffer from a cold or the flu after the flight. So what’s the best way to stay healthy on a flight and get enough vitamins and nutrients despite the bad food? Here come the shots – the healthy Bumblezest shots! Packed full of functional superfoods, Bumblezest’s carefully crafted drinks come in 90ml glass bottles which makes them perfect for putting in your hand luggage and enjoying during your long-haul flight.

P’URE Papaya Care
Another way to avoid getting ill on the plane is dabbing a little P’URE Papaya Care vapour balm under your nose to stop that heady feeling, and to help feign off airborne bacteria and the bugs that circulate in cabin air. 100% natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, the P’URE Papaya Care vapour balm is a gentle warming blend of traditional Australian essential oils and herbs, containing no menthol, petroleum or mineral oil. To soothe and protect your lips from the dry plane air, try the P’URE Papaya Care paw paw and calendula lip balm.

We all know the ‘stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water’ rule but our skin definitely needs a bit more than just water to look and feel moisturised and glowing – especially at 35,000ft. Salvage your skin during the long flight with Bioderma’s Hydrabio Gel-Crème, which promises to smooth your skin’s texture and leave it feeling hydrated and soft.
And don’t forget to pay close attention to your eyes. Institut Esthederm’s Intensive Hyaluronic Eye Serum forms a continuous film at the surface of the skin that retains water in the epidermis and limits trans-epidermal water loss, whilst stimulating the natural production of dermal hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting filling effect. With its 15ml bottle and zamak precisison applicator with a cooling effect, this eye serum is an unmissable part of your in-flight skincare routine.

And most importantly – face masks
Face masks have become acceptable in-cabin ‘wear’ these days. Even better, used over your freshly applied skincare, they ensure as much product as possible gets into your skin. Pack your Institut Esthederm’s Intensive Hyaluronic Mask with its three different types of hyaluronic acid that intensively stimulate its natural production. Or if you prefer a sheet mask, try Patchology’s On The Fly travel kit that includes a hydrate sheet mask, illuminate sheet mask, rejuvenating eye gels containing caffeine and hydrating lip gels.

Every woman needs a hairbrush for travelling – especially for long-haul flights. With its compact design and small mirror, Tangle Angel’s PRO compact is the best solution for detangling on the go.


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