The Most Important Construction Trends Of The Year


The construction industry is a sector that is increasingly vulnerable to emerging trends. Changes in consumer expectation and the increasing potential of technology have altered the sector in many ways, and continue to be the main drivers of the industry. For those builders and contractors hoping to keep up with the changes, knowing the latest trends allows them to keep ahead of the competition and offer a service that runs parallel with the expectations of those that utilize their businesses. These three key trends are fast becoming the primary motivators for those in the construction industry, and by integrating them into your business model, your company will be far better able to provide the service that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Contained and modular builds

Even as the demand for new homes continues to be a rising concern, so too does the need to keep costs down and offer something new. Modular buildings are not new ideas, but in recent years they have become one of the fastest growing trends in the construction industry. Modular builds are those constructions that are built in one place and then relocated as complete in the space that has been designated by the customer. In terms of homes, this offers a huge number of benefits, especially when it comes to cost. Modular homes can also play a big part in reducing any environmental damage, and for that reason alone it’s worth looking closer at the growth of modular construction and integrating options into your portfolio.

Painters and Decorators

Outsourcing to independent contractors has always been a simple option for those businesses that are looking for ways to keep their costs down. Ongoing wage bills are always a concern, and outsourcing to professional independent contractors is a simple way of keeping those ongoing payments at a minimum. However, more than ever there’s a need to provide quality assurance, and that will mean specialty insurance policies. Always check that your painters have the required level of painters insurance, and ensure that you see the paperwork from them. Professional contractors will have procured their painters insurance at and should be happy to produce the required paperwork when asked. Outsourcing is growing in popularity, but if you want to take advantage of this trend then you need to ensure that you make the right hires.

Drone technology

Despite the growing number of legal requirements, drone technology is changing the way that construction projects are handled. Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles) are being increasingly used by construction companies because they cannot only access remote areas easily, they are also equipped to collect any required data, carry out safety inspections, allow management to oversee progress, and even help to create 3D images that can help with the blueprint stage. You should expect the see the use of drone technology continues its rise as the tech of choice for the cutting-edge construction company.

As government legislation continues to play a major role in the evolution of the construction sector, it’s up to every business to keep one step ahead of those changes. Keeping up with trends and making sure that you have the ability to take advantage of them could be the key to keeping your contracts coming in and your business thriving.