Ambienta Acquires Image S

Ambienta SGR, a leading sustainability focussed private equity fund operating out of Milan, Düsseldorf and London, has acquired Image S - the Italian leader in the distribution of machine vision and other imaging products, via Next Imaging, a buy-and-build project aimed at creating a platform of imaging distributors.

Based in Mariano Comense, Image S is the Italian leader and second biggest player in Europe in the distribution of machine vision and imaging products, with an extensive portfolio of technologies, products and customers. Image S’s customers are Italian leaders in their specific market segments, generally characterised by high share of export revenues. The company is run by an experienced management team led by the founders Milena Longoni, Marco Diani and Paolo Longoni, who will remain shareholders and managers following the acquisition by Ambienta. The team will be complemented by Fabrizio Ricchetti, who will become the CEO of Next Imaging and will focus on growing the business further, both organically and through acquisitions.

Machine vision systems are strong drivers of efficiency improvements within numerous vertical markets, thereby delivering substantial environmental benefits. These systems determine for a wide range of industrial applications increased production yields, reduced production scraps (waste) and, therefore, improved resource efficiency and reduction in pollution. The imaging market is rapidly growing, driven by the fundamental trends of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, and by the proliferation of specialty imaging applications in both industrial and non-industrial environments.

Ambienta has deep knowledge of the market thanks to Lakesight Technologies, a buy-and-build project aimed at consolidating producers of machine vision products. Lakesight started with a small Italian acquisition in 2012, which was followed by acquiring two German companies over the next 5 years. Ambienta sold Lakesight in 2018 to TKH Group with the company seeing a 4x increase in turnover, delivering a 10x return to Ambienta.

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