A Business Coach’s Guide to Effective Business Start Up

If you're about to start a business and are worried about the challenges you'll face. Take a look at these top tips from an experienced Business Coach.

Starting a business can be very intimidating. Not only that, but it can also present various challenges that can be very difficult to navigate on your own with limited experience. This is why investing in professional coaching is key. However, we have come up with a list of tips that you can utilise in order to give your start-up the best chance to succeed.


  1. Solve Real Problems.


One of the biggest issues that start-ups are faced with is not doing enough research beforehand. Have you demonstrated a proven market for your product or service? It is critical to do research before entering the marketplace. Ask questions to your target market. What are their pain points? What are the toughest challenges they face? Figure this out and you should be able to solve a real problem that exists.


  1. Get The Right Leaders In Place.


When it comes to starting a business, leadership is everything. You will need to put in the work and dedication if you expect your team to do so as well.


  1. Getting Input From Others.


When you are starting a business, it is important to really ask for and utilise the input from the team of individuals that you have in your corner. Try to surround your business with people that fit your culture and that understand your business and your vision. That way, you can have people there to bounce ideas off of and to really gain valuable input from.


  1. Get A Mentor.


Every start-up should have a mentor of some kind. You want to try to get at least one, if not a few mentors that you will be able to get valuable guidance from. You would be surprised how many people would be willing and able to offer you mentorship. Simply ask successful people around you if they would mentor you and utilise their guidance on your path towards success.


  1. Maintain Cashflow.


One of the roadblocks that a lot of start-ups run into eventually is not managing their cash flow accordingly. You want to ensure that you are constantly monitoring your cashflow to avoid running into cash flow issues.


  1. Have A Roadmap In Place.


You want to have a roadmap in place for your business which will allow you to align your goals with your vision and help you avoid anything that might otherwise distract you or get in your way. This will also allow everyone involved to see where you are heading as a business.


  1. Ask Your Customers.


You will want to constantly ask your customers and your target market for potential improvements. Just because you release a product or service doesn’t mean that the work stops there. You should be continually asking for feedback on your product, service, and even your customer service. That way, you can continually do things to improve.


  1. Face The Competition Head On.


Don’t be afraid of the competition that you will ultimately face. If you notice more and more competition cropping up in your space, you are on the right track. Competition is not something that you should fear. Competition breeds excellence and it will continue to keep you on your toes. You want to embrace the competition and continually strive to be better than them.


Overall, there is a lot that you can do in order to increase your chances of succeeding as a start-up business. By following some of the tips above and utilising them accordingly, you should be able to successfully launch a start-up positioned to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

About the author: Stevey McGeown is one of Ireland’s leading business mentors and is well-known for assisting businesses both through effective start-up and later accelerating profit for more mature businesses.

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