The Top 5 Spas in Europe

We’re living in a time of uncertainty. Stress and anxiety levels are high for many and we’re all in desperate need of a relaxing getaway. And although we can’t travel right now, there’s no harm in dreaming of the precious moments when we’ll be able to escape from the madness in the world again.

Give yourself something to look forward to by browsing these dream spas across Europe!

Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Hotel Villa Honegg is one of the most stunning spa destinations in Europe! In addition to its outstanding facilities, the spa in this exquisite hotel offers an outdoor pool which boasts truly jaw-dropping views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne. The pool is heated at 34ºC, allowing Hotel Villa Honegg’s guests to enjoy it all year round. The spa also offers a Finnish sauna and a steam room, as well as a fully equipped gym and an extensive list of massages, facials and beauty treatments.

Aqua Dome, Austria

Skiing followed by a trip to the sauna… In Austria, the most popular country for skiers, many hotels and holiday rentals offer this service for their visitors. The combination sounds like an absolute dream! Our top spa recommendation in Austria is the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, Tyrol where you can experience many spectacular saunas and go for a swim in its stunning thermal pools.

Löyly, Finland

The Finnish are considered to be the inventors of the sauna, they even have one up in their Parliament House in Helsinki! With saunas considered as an integral part of Finnish culture, it is clear that this is the dream destination for a spa break. Löyly (meaning steam in Finnish) is located on the Helsinki coast and offers a beautiful setting with saunas, a restaurant, a bar, and a beautiful terrace, where you can also enjoy some live music. This is an authentic hot-spot in an environment fully respectful of nature.

Sanduny Bath House, Russia

Cold in Russia? This is a well-known fact. And maybe that’s why in this country the traditional sauna, known as banya, reaches up to 100 degrees at least. The Sanduny Bath House is the oldest sauna in Russia. With its magnificent architecture and fairytale decoration, you will feel like royalty whilst enjoying all the benefits of the sauna and the thermal pools.

Vabali, Germany

Germans are also addicted to spas, which is reflected in the tremendous amount of public saunas available, especially found linked with swimming pools and gyms. To escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin, take a sauna session at Vabali, which is within close proximity to the central station, but feels isolated at the same time. Once there, you will find different types of saunas, from a Russian banya to a panoramic sauna that will transport you into a perfect setting with its unbeatable garden views.


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