Stock Of The Week: Expert Opinion On What Stock To Watch

Experts share their opinions to help with your investment decisions.

Michael Kamerman, CEO of Skilling, shares his opinion on what stock you should watch this week.


Despite a positive start to June, Tesla’s shares failed to hold above the 20-day working average, showing that the downward trend is still firmly intact.

However, with business magnate Elon Musk continuing to make headlines, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that shares have taken a tumble. Just recently, he declared that approaching a recession was a “good thing” and later denounced remote working for Tesla employees.

Musk also told Tesla executives to pause all hiring and cut 10% of the total workforce. A move which has drawn strong criticism but also concern that talented employees will be deterred.

Despite this, Tesla’s AI Day scheduled for September 30th will showcase the Optimus Robot and the company  remains a leader in the autonomous vehicle space.

Investors are right to be wary given Tesla is down by over 40% from all-time highs. However, ongoing geopolitical events have meant supply chains have been squeezed, another factor in the extent to which shares have been impacted.

Investors should sit tight to see whether Tesla stock was right to be criticised as overvalued or if Elon Musk can prove the critics wrong. 

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